New Job Listings Suggest Disney Could Be On The Verge Of Reviving Lucasfilm

It appears that Disney could be in the process of reviving Lucasfilm Games, given that there are several job listings on its careers website pointing to the dormant company.

The Lucasfilm successor, LucasArts, was responsible for the creation of multiple games from the Star Wars universe, but also outside of it. However, the studio was closed down in 2013.

The latter developed quite a few titles and did a fair bit of publishing as well, and, with the Disney Careers website having listed 86 jobs for Lucasfilm Games, it's certainly looking like the parent company is set to breathe new life into the house that has brought so many wonderful games to the fore.

However, fans shouldn't get their hopes up just yet. The listings seem to suggest that there will be support for games - such as Star Wars - with Lucasfilm IPs rather than the studio developing them itself.

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Additionally, none of the listings are for developers or game artists. Disney is instead keen on attracting people to fill in producer, associate brand director, and brand marketing coordinator roles.

The listings note that people are wanted to help "build the next great set of Star Wars and Lucasfilm heritage products" with developers, as well as "managing the review and approval of interactive products that incorporate Lucasfilm IP, such as Star Wars film and television properties."

There are a great many people hoping for Disney to retract the license from EA, considering that it has only produced two Star Wars titles in the last six years, with both being sequels; but there's no indication that it might happen. However, Disney could be looking to heighten its involvement following the issues with the Star Wars Battlefront 2's business model.

There's also the possibility of classic Star Wars games returning, especially given that the fan remakes of Dark Forces and Star Wars Episode I: Racer were rather well received.

It would also appear that Lucasfilm has been looking to bring in designers from as far back as 2017 as - courtesy of an old screenshot from Team17 community manager Ashley Day - positions were advertised for a technical artist, engineering manager, community manager, producer, and lead game designer via Linkedin back then.

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