New Minecraft Costume Pack Lets You Help Real Pandas And World Wildlife Fund

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Minecraft must be feeling generous this holiday season. We can dress our avatars in silly costumes and donate to the World Wildlife Fund in the process? Now that sounds like a panda-loving good time.

All too often, the gaming industry gets a bad rap from the media. It’s all antisocial behavior this, inciting violence that. What some of these naysayers don’t appreciate is that gaming can be a real force for good.

Nothing brings people together quite like the collective love of a certain video game (Just check out our Smash Ultimate: The Gamer News Team Picks Their Favourite Fighters feature). When all of that enthusiasm and dedication is harnessed for a charitable cause, great and glorious things can happen. The likes of Games Done Quick (a series of charity speedrunning events) prove the good the gaming is doing for the best possible causes around the world.

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Minecraft Paws And Claws
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As any animal lover will tell you, the World Wildlife Fund is one of the very best causes out there. Kudos to Minecraft, then, for partnering with them for this new initiative.

As reported by Eurogamer, the latest update to the game added bamboo blocks, pandas and newly-designed cats. What better time, then, to drop the Paws and Claws content? This pack will give you some catty goodness and the most hilariously adorable panda skin for your avatar. That’s more than enough of a selling point in and of itself, you’re probably thinking, but wait. There’s much more.

All net proceeds from the Paws and Claws pack --from now until December 11, 2021—will go towards the WWF’s great work. This is already admirable, and will surely inspire many of Minecraft’s legions of players to get involved. There’s an additional challenge, too, and it doesn’t require the purchase of any DLC packs.

Last year, Minecraft donated a sizable sum to The Nature Conservancy, after players achieved the global goal of laying 10 million coral blocks. It’s a similar deal this time around: If we collectively place 10 million bamboo blocks, that’s another $100,000 for the WWF. What are you waiting for then, Minecraft fans? As long as you’re playing Minecraft Bedrock Edition, you can get in on the charitable action right now.

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