New Nindies Will Be Showcased Monday During Nintendo's Indie World

The Nintendo “Indie World” showcase is just around the corner and will be presenting a number of new indie games for the Switch on Monday, August 19th. The presentation will be shown on Twitch, YouTube, and Nintendo’s official website.

The event is described as showing off about 20 minutes of upcoming indie titles currently in development. The event appears to be a solid continuation and reaffirmation of the commitment by Nintendo to indie games from their Nindies Showcase in the Spring of this year.

This should come as no surprise, as the Switch has been a fantastic platform for indie games to thrive. Nintendo itself has recently partnered with studios to create such spin-offs as Cadence of Hyrule, which is a cross between Crypt of the Necrodancer and the Zelda series of games.

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The announcement is further exciting for consumers because we only recently saw the impressive lineup of games releasing in the near future at this past E3 in June.

Given how recent that event was, featuring mostly games that are from larger developers or well-known franchises, Nintendo fans are likely to be seeing over 20 minutes of brand new indie game content on Monday.

2019 has already been a stellar year for the Nintendo Switch, both in terms of its console sales and the additions to its gaming library. As of the end of July, console sales figures had hit just under 37 million, which is in line with the PlayStation 4’s sales pace.

Meanwhile, the game library has taken off stronger than ever, and E3 made it abundantly clear that most of us will simply not have the time to play all of these amazing upcoming titles on the system. In every sense, Nintendo Switch owners are being bombarded with a mountain of quality titles.

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Now, the upcoming presentation of inbound indie games looks to showcase a variety of titles that will further cement the library of the console as one of the best. Given the timing of it, it is unknown whether Nintendo's event will overlap with the upcoming Indie Megabooth at PAX West, which has become an important place for indie developers to network since its humble beginnings.

Although nothing official has been revealed prior to the event, there are a few ideas as to what might appear. Shovel Knight, for instance, is a beloved indie title, and its King of Cards campaign has been highly anticipated for some time now.

Via: nintendo.co.uk

Another bit of pure speculation lies in recent rumors that we may finally see a port of Ori and the Blind Forest, which would be a logical extension of Cuphead from earlier in the year.

Even if neither Ori and the Blind Forest nor Shovel Knight are featured on Monday morning, there are undoubtedly still going to be some interesting new titles to discuss.

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