New Pokémon Games Announced For The 3DS And Switch

Nintendo has announced a new Pokken Tournament title, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon, and Gold/Silver coming to 3DS!

The latest Pokémon Direct has just announced several new and returning titles that are coming to the Nintendo 3DS and Switch consoles.

Pokkén Tournament DX was the first game announced. This is an updated port of the Wii U game Pokkén Tournament, coming to the Nintendo Switch on September 22nd. The trailer advertised that the game could be played in tabletop mode, with two players each using a Joy-Con. This is a step up from the Wii U version of the game, which required one player to look at the GamePad instead of the TV.

The biggest new addition to Pokkén Tournament DX is five new characters. Fans will now be able to play as Darkrai, Scizor, Empoleon, Croagunk, and Decidueye. Pokkén Tournament DX will now also feature 3v3 team battles.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were also announced for the Nintendo 3DS. Details on this game were sparse, though we do know that they will be set in the Alola region and will include new Pokémon. Ultra Sun Moon were said to be alternate stories in the same setting, which suggests that they are spinoffs rather than sequels. These games will be released on November 17th.

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The final announcement of the Pokémon Direct was that Pokémon Gold Silver will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. These are similar to the versions of Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow that came to the 3DS, in that they will be compatible with the Pokémon Bank service. It is unusual that Pokémon Crystal wasn't announced with these games, as Yellow was released alongside Red Blue. Pokémon Gold & Silver will be released for the Virtual Console on September 22nd.


This was a decent Direct, though some fans are likely disappointed at the lack of Pokémon Stars or remakes of Pokémon Diamond Pearl. Pokkén Tournament was an excellent fighting game, which never got its due, as it was released on the Wii U. The portable nature of the Nintendo Switch should give Pokkén Tournament DX the time in the limelight that it deserves.

We don't really know enough about Pokémon Ultra Sun Moon to make a judgment. The Alola region was popular with a lot of fans, so they will likely be delighted to return there. A lot of fans will also likely be annoyed that this game is seemingly taking the slot of Pokémon Stars or a true sequel to Sun Moon.

The Virtual Console releases of Pokémon Gold Silver will likely be a massive hit for Nintendo, in the same way that Red Blue were. It is unusual that Crystal isn't there alongside them, but the Johto games are excellent enough that fans won't complain.

Will there be any more Pokémon announcements at E3? It would be an odd choice to have a Pokémon Direct and not announce everything that they had planned. Then again, this is Nintendo, and they are known for pulling bizarre PR moves like this, so we could still be treated to some Pokémon surprises on June 13th.

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