New PS4 Game, Arise, Announced During State Of Play

One of the more subtle moments during the State of Play was when adventure game Arise was announced for PlayStation 4.

Sony's State of Play saw a decent amount of content this Tuesday, ranging from footage of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's campaign to another glimpse at The Last of Us: Part II. One of the more subtle moments during the State of Play, however, was when adventure game Arise was announced for PlayStation 4.

Developed by Piccolo Studio and published by Techland Publishing, Arise appears to be a somewhat narrative-focused indie title. The trailer begins with what seems to be a tribe honoring their fallen leader in a funeral. Suddenly, the deceased character wakes up and finds himself in a snowy wonderland.

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The character proceeds to travel through different snow-packed areas, hopping between platforms and climbing using ropes or rope-like items. Eventually, the snow melts away and the trailer shows the same character as he travels through blossoming fields and locales with impressively large flora.

The Arise trailer in the State of Play video below starts at 15:20.

The character is later seen climbing a cliff using protruding rocks, pulling down a tree with a rope, and eventually coming to face a ghostly version of the tribe that was honoring him at the beginning of the trailer.

Branded as "a simple story," Arise seems like a very interesting title. While overshadowed by the likes of The Last of Us: Part II at Sony's State of Play, it has a beautiful Journey vibe to it, and could well be one of the PlayStation 4's swan songs, should 2020 be the year that the PlayStation 5 releases.

Arise's adventure gameplay appears very versatile, though one thing to note is that the snow-traversing gameplay seems to be a bit slow. It could potentially make things kind of a slog, but if serves a broader story or narrative, then perhaps it can be forgiven. Let's hope that when it releases it isn't overshadowed by more popular games, just like it was during this State of Play broadcast.

Arise currently has no set release date.

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