New PS5 Leaks Have The Console Looking More ‘90s Than Ever

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will become available for purchase during the holiday season next year, with a few other rumors proving to be fact as well.

The company will introduce the upcoming next-gen console during PlayStation Meeting 2020, set for February, according to a leaked memo. But there will still be a long wait before you get to take one home.

In the meantime, you could jot down your strategy for missing work when it does release. And you could enjoy a few photo leaks too.

Dutch website LetsGoDigital previously published renderings of the inbound PS5 all based on patent sketches from the Sony PS5 Dev Kit. Most of the leaks, both photographic and theoretical, come from an unidentified tipster who claims to be working on titles for both Sony's console and Microsoft's new Project Scarlett, but said Dutch site appears to have labeled port and button designations according to its their logic.

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Their theory appeared to hold more weight after a British game developer tweeted that the renderings were identical to a PS5 developer console and that he had a few in his office. It didn't take very long before his Twitter account disappeared. That can be taken to mean that what he said was valid, but it doesn't completely confirm anything.

Gizmodo has since received photos from their secret tipster, showing both the console's design and colors but those haven't been published due to them not wanting to reveal their informant's identity.

LetsGoDigital claims to have been approached by gamers requesting that they design new product images based on all of the design information that's been leaked so far. Of course, they've acquiesced and, if somehow, you've resisted the urge to just scroll through this article up until now, then they're right below.

via LetsGoDigital
via LetsGoDigital
via LetsGoDigital

As you can see, the top of the console is in shiny silver with black ventilation openings on the sides. There are two LED indicators and three buttons above the disk drive, with LetsGoDigital having named them Standby, Reset and Eject. However, Gizmodo says the text above the second and third buttons aren't all that legible so they can't tell if it's supposed to be Reset or Record. LetsGoDigital went with Reset as they reckon there's a chance developers will have a need for a quick reset as the console could freeze up during work.

The Dutch publication could not theorize as to what the large round button on the right is for. Initial thoughts pointed to a Power button but the button on the left could be for that function too although they've gone ahead and branded it Standby.

If the PS5 is anything like this, it will give off an old-school, 90s feel. You'd think that next-gen would mean futuristic yet these renderings make Sony's prized model seem like a fancy alarm clock.

We should know what the real deal is early next year, while there's always the possibility of more depictions coming to us before the highly-anticipated meeting.

Source: LetsGoDigital/Gizmodo

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