New Resident Evil To Be Announced On September 9th

Resident Evil fans have known for a while that a new installment is in the works, though it was pondered whether it will be a Resident Evil 3 remake or Resident Evil 8. While the question hasn't been totally answered, a new website from Capcom for what is currently titled Project Resistance largely confirms that a new Resident Evil title will be announced on September 9th.

The Project Resistance website doesn't explicitly state that a new Resident Evil is going to be announced at Tokyo Game Show 2019. However, the letters "R" and the following "E" in the title are both highlighted red against the rest of the gray text, suggesting that it is, in fact, a Resident Evil game.

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The website states that the Resident Evil developer is "embarking on a new project." The teaser trailer for the new project will be landing September 9th at 3:00 P.M. UTC.

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The game will also be present at Tokyo Game Show 2019 from September 12th to September 15th. You can see the stage schedule below and on Project Resistance's website.

  • September 12: 12:30-1:10 P.M. (JST)
  • September 13: 12:00-12:40 P.M. (JST)
  • September 14: 11:50-12:30 P.M. (JST)
  • September 15: 3:30-4:30 P.M. (JST)

All of this seems to be pointing in a brand-new direction for the Resident Evil series. As mentioned previously, it had been debated as to whether this was Resident Evil 8 with the first-person perspective seen in Resident Evil 7 or the rumored Resident Evil 3 remake. Whatever the case may be, fans are very likely to get excited about Capcom's next Resident Evil effort, given the success of the previous two installments in Resident Evil 7 and the Resident Evil 2 remake.

Capcom has explored many different genres with the Resident Evil games before, including first- and third-person shooters, on-rails arcade shooters, old-fashioned survival horror, and others. It's possible that Project Resistance might revisit the survival horror genre that the original Resident Evil games ushered in. Alternatively, it might go in a Left 4 Dead direction, where players assume a first-person perspective in a co-operative setting. Or, perhaps players will be given a choice between first- and third-person in the style of Star Wars Battlefront.

In any regard, fans can expect to find out more when Project Resistance's teaser trailer hits September 9th.

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