Capcom Is Scouting US Testers For A Resident Evil Game In Development

The next Resident Evil game is currently in development, and Capcom is now looking for people in the United States of America who would be willing to test it.

We recently reported that Capcom was sending out emails to Resident Evil Ambassadors in Japan, as the company was looking for people to test out a new Resident Evil title. For those who are unaware: Resident Evil Ambassadors are people who were selected as part of a special program that celebrated the 20th anniversary of the series. The Resident Evil Ambassadors receive exclusive promotional material related to the series, and they have now been asked to test out a new game.

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Capcom is now looking for international fans of the Resident Evil series to test out their new game, as a Twitter user named Patrick Copeland has shared his email invitation to try out a game that is currently in development.

In order to be viable to test the game, the person needs to be available in Los Angeles on either September 20 or September 21, or be available in New York on either September 23 or September 24. The person must be a registered member of the Resident Evil Ambassador program, and must have played a Resident Evil game in the past. The person will not be compensated for their time and they must make their own travel arrangments.

The most likely candidate for this mystery game is a remake of Resident Evil 3. The Resident Evil 2 remake was a huge hit for Capcom and the two games use many of the same locations and enemies, so the development period would be a lot shorter. The other possibility is that Resident Evil 8 is in development, as Resident Evil 7 was also a critical and commercial success for the company.

One possible outlier choice would be a third entry in the Resident Evil Revelations series, or a remake of the Resident Evil Outbreak games with a better matchmaking system, as the original titles had to deal with the janky online options of the PlayStation 2. The Resident Evil series has enough spin-offs that anything is possible, especially with the success of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 7. 

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