New Rumor Indicates PS5 UI Might Add Gifting And Game Stats For Users

With gamers talking about the PS4's UI needing a facelift, it appears, based on rumors now circulating, that Sony intends to do just that, giving users the ability to create a wishlist and gift games to their friends.

Given that the PlayStation 4's interface is merely an updated version of the same one offered to users on the PS3, this is welcome news. While this doesn't necessarily mean that the same features will be ported over to the company's newest system, it's hard to imagine that they won't be a part of it considering that the newer console's release is just around the corner. If the rumor is true, it seems as if the company is simply testing these new features out on the PlayStation 4 first so that they can make the necessary improvements before bringing it to the PS5 in 2020.

While we aren't certain yet that this rumor is true, we can make some inferences about what it means for users currently on the platform. It shows that the company is willing to take proactive steps to ensure that they provide an even better experience on their next console, while giving previous console owners assurance that they won't be forgotten just because they haven't traveled over to the PS5 when it arrives. Plus, providing consumers with in-game statistics will help them to make smarter game choices in the future by giving them a better understanding of how much they really play a game.

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According to gamesradar, a twitter user by the name of Tidux listed the above new features coming to the PS4 UI along with the ability to pin games to the dashboard and real time trophy progression. With the new UI update, users will no longer have to go out and physically buy the game for their friends or donate money through PayPal. Instead, they will have the ability to purchase and send the game directly using the PlayStation store.

While the Dashboard feature may seem simple enough, it would finally give users the ability to access the games they really want to play quickly without sifting through their other titles. Additionally, given that users have asked for the other rumored features as well, it shows that Sony is listening to feedback and that what you say really matters. It means that asking for things like backwards compatibility for the PS5 is certainly on the table and that this newest update may even be in preparation for that.

Though this newest rumored update would certainly be a welcome change to the system, it's something that many feel should have been a part of it from the start. While users may enjoy this experience for a few years before the PS5 is released, it is hard to imagine that they will stick around on the PS4 long afterwards unless updates keep coming.

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