New Sonic Game Is In Production, Says Takashi Iizuka

Sonic Team boss Takashi likuza has revealed that the company is currently working on the next major installment of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, but it probably won't be out this year.

The last two Sonic the Hedgehog games received very positive reviews, with Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces having both launched in 2017. So this is rather exciting news, apart from the fact that the upcoming game could be under wraps for a while.

That is according to PCGN, who recently reported that the head of the Sonic Team spoke at the SXSW panel on the weekend and confirmed that a new Sonic title is already in production.

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via channel5news.com

The panel was mostly focused on Sonic Kart's upcoming racing game Team Sonic Racing, which is set for release on May 21. But likuza ended things by touching briefly on the next mainline game, stating that they “have begun production on the next major Sonic title.”

He went on to say that the team “will be excited to share more news with you in the future, but for now, thank you for your patience until we have something to show.”

As mentioned above, Sonic Forces came out in 2017, November, to be precise. The game was created by the Sonic Team themselves, unlike Sonic Mania, which launched in the form of an old-school 2D, made by fan teams. According to the source, the next Sonic title's gameplay is likely to be closer to Sonic Forces but could be either a 2D or 3D game with 3D graphics.

If you're interested in what's going on with Sonic Team Racing, which is only two months away, you'll probably be pleased to learn that vehicles will be fully customizable - the horn even. Adversely, that there won't be a character creator should be less pleasing, especially as it was one of Sonic Forces' best feature.

The May release will also have a series of animated shorts, courtesy of the team who made Sonic Mania and can be viewed above.

As for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, persons who were expecting a trailer were probably left disappointed, although the pictures which have surfaced so far can't leave fans THAT excited for an official clip.

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