Jedi: Fallen Order Isn’t The Only Upcoming Star Wars Game - Another Lego Game Is In The Works

Many fans seem to have glossed over rumors surrounding yet another upcoming Star Wars game.

Set to release in November of this year, EA and Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order may be the first truly unique story-driven Star Wars gaming experience since the publisher acquired the license in 2013. While there’s plenty to be excited about on that front, many fans seem to have glossed over rumors surrounding yet another upcoming game set in the galaxy far, far away.

To be fair, it’s not all that exciting, but sound designer and industry insider Matt Wood of Disney’s Skywalker Sound mentioned during last weekend’s Star Wars Celebration event that there’s currently a new Lego Star Wars game in the works. That might not sound like something fans should be all that interested in, but we haven’t seen hide nor tail of the once-proud franchise since Lego’s rendition of The Force Awakens back in mid-2016. The series has more or less been brushed aside by Warner Brothers Interactive in favor of some more ambitious projects, but who could forget the excellent work LucasArts did with the prequel and original trilogies back in the late 2000’s?

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What’s more, rumors seem to suggest that this upcoming Lego Star Wars saga will be more than a simple adaptation of Episodes VIII and IX, though we still have yet to see The Last Jedi lovingly reenacted with Lego mini-figures. Instead, this as-of-now untitled Lego Star Wars game is said to be an anthology of the entire Star Wars storyline. Quite what this means is hard to know, but it seems to suggest that the game may explore areas and narrative elements from both Solo and Rogue One, two side stories which have yet to see any major video game adaptations.

Given that the upcoming film The Rise of Skywalker is set to close off the story of Anakin and his descendants, it would be fitting to see this new Lego game wrap up the saga by exhibiting a laundry list of the franchise’s most famous moments. The game centered around the prequel trilogy was arguably the best, but it could very well be that this new game covers everything from the pod races on Tatooine to the mysterious return of Darth Sidious in the forthcoming film.

While the concept does sound promising, it’s difficult to know how receptive fans will be to another Lego-ized edition of Star Wars gaming. The title based on The Force Awakens was met with generally favorable reviews, but, at the time, there was little else to be had in terms of eighth generation Jedi gameplay. It’s true that EA’s retread of the Star Wars: Battlefront property had been out for almost a year at that point, but, given how little content came bundled with the game, it’s unlikely that anyone, save for hardcore fans, stuck around all that long.

The difference here is that a new Lego Star Wars game, no matter how innovative or galaxy-spanning, might be totally drowned out beneath Jedi Fallen Order. They may not release at the same time, of course, and it’s fairly likely that the new game won’t drop until the release of the ninth movie, but it remains something to consider. While fun, few would prefer the older Lego Star Wars games to the original Battlefront II, the Rogue Squadron games, or even something like Star Wars: KOTOR. Similarly, it’ll be hard to appreciate even the most sterling plastic Star Wars title if it has to go up against something as titanic as Respawn’s newest project.

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