New Submarine Girls Added To Azur Lane's English Servers

Azur Lane, a popular Chinese mobile game, has just announced the addition of new submarine girls on its English servers.

This free-to-play game is a side-scrolling shooter set in an alternate timeline of World War II. The game uses anthropomorphic characters to represent ships. Azur Lane dropped the news on July 9th, and it seems that the newly added girls will be introduced into the game at the same time as the Japanese and Chinese servers.

The lineup includes characters like I-25 and U-522. In total, there will be five characters added. Unfortunately, they’ll only be available for a limited time starting on July 11th and ending on July 23rd. There will also be three new character skins including a Live 2D “Beach Picnic” skin for Javelin.


The update has a new feature as well - players can now change the positioning of their Submarine Fleet by using oil. A Daily Stage, “Supply Line Disruption,” has been added too. Here, players can start an operation to sabotage enemy supply lines with their Submarine Fleet. If successful, players will get an array of Submarine gear blueprints. This stage can be played a maximum of two times weekly but it’s open every day of the week.

Furthermore, the character Kagerou is available to be retrofitted. Retrofit is a game mechanic where the stats of certain ships can be improved immensely. Lastly, players who have created accounts before the start of the maintenance will get a new furniture item in their mailbox.

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All of this comes after the July 4th maintenance update that also added six brand new skins for multiple characters like Ibuki and Izumo. The Iris of Light and Dark limited event just ended so it’ll be interesting to see if the game introduces a new event during the time these new characters are out. 

The maintenance update is scheduled to happen on July 11th at 12AM (PDT) on iOS and Android devices. You can read the official info here. For those who want to know more about the game, you can check out their English Twitter account.

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