A New Super Monkey Ball Game Has Been Rated In Taiwan

Super Monkey Ball Cover

The return of the Super Monkey Ball series seems all but guaranteed, as an age rating for a new game for the Nintendo Switch, PC, and PlayStation 4 has been listed in Taiwan.

According to Marigold News & Reviewsthe Taiwanese rating board has added a page for a new Super Monkey Ball game for Nintendo Switch, PC, and PlayStation 4, as an age rating is needed for the game. The title of the game has yet to be officially translated into English, but the name suggests that the new Super Monkey Ball game is related to food.

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The age rating for a new Super Monkey Ball game supports a story from earlier this year when Sega trademarked the name for a new Super Monkey Ball title. This followed an announcement from the company concerning the revival of dormant IPs. The name trademarked then was Tabegoro! Super Monkey Ball, with the word “tabegoro” referring to fruit that is ripe and ready to be eaten.

Super Monkey Ball Cover
via: Nintendo

The Super Monkey Ball series consisted of platforming and puzzle titles, where the player had to guide a monkey in a ball through a stage by moving the ground itself. The last entry in the Super Monkey Ball series was the poorly-received Super Monkey Ball Bounce for smartphones.

The Super Monkey Ball series always had a tremendous amount of wide-spread appeal, and it's baffling that Sega stopped making games in the series for so long. It's possible that the release of the Nintendo Switch prompted a revival for the series, as the gyroscopic controls within the Nintendo Switch would be a perfect fit for a new Super Monkey Ball game. The Nintendo Switch Lite has also maintained its gyro controls, so that would be a perfect fit for a new Super Monkey Ball game.

The Super Monkey Ball series is long overdue for a return and if Sega wants to bring back some of its older IPs and create new games for the current generation of systems, then it can't go wrong with a new Super Monkey Ball. 

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