Sega Blows Open The Door On Yakuza 7 With New Screenshots, Details

Yakuza 7 has new screenshots, new details, and new minigames thanks to a Famitsu expose.

The latest issue of the Japanese weekly magazine blows the lid off Yakuza 7 with a bunch of new details following the big reveal last month. As a reminder, that’s when we found out that Yakuza 7 will definitely feature a new protagonist, Ichiban Kasuga, and the game will veer away from its real-time brawling combat to a turn-based RPG system.

Now, Famitsu has a bunch more for us starting with the game's Western title: Yakuza: Like a Dragon. It'll still be built on the same game engine as Yakuza 6, only now instead it will be used to create a more classic JRPG in the world of Yakuza.

But turn-based RPGs are all pretty much done these days, so Yakuza needs to do something to keep things fresh. A positioning system is what will keep Yakuza 7 interesting by making it matter where your team is placed in relation to your opponents. If someone is in between your attacker and its target, the attack could be interrupted or hit the wrong target.

Yakuza 7 Screen
via Sega

Furthermore, if there are items that you could use as improvised weapons such as bicycles, chairs, or trash cans, you'll pick them up for a damage boost. This is in line with classic Yakuza mechanics which emphasized using improvised weapons to gain an advantage over opponents.

Each character in your squad will sort of follow a classic class system. Ichiban being the hero has powerful attacks, but is also capable of learning support and recovery moves making him the best overall. He'll also use a bat as his general weapon of choice.

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Namba uses an umbrella and has special attacks that make him the "mage" of the group, such as creating an improvised flamethrower out of alcohol and a lighter.

We also found out about the two other characters that will round out Ichiban's party. Koichi Adachi is a former detective investigating bribery between his former boss and Ichiban's patron, Masumi Arawaka. He fights using a baton and police techniques.

Saeko Mukouda is also more skill-oriented and fights using her handbag. She'll reach into it to "cast" various buffs and debuffs using items stored there.

There's also going to be a bunch of minigames, including Dragon Kart. As the name implies, it's basically go karts but with machine guns and machetes.

Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon arrives Jan 16th, 2020 in Japan, with the Western release to arrive a few months later. Hopefully.

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