New York Excelsior Release Flow3r

Flow3r won't be getting a second chance with the New York Excelsior, as the team released him in the aftermath of the 2019 season.

The 2019 season of the Overwatch League is in the books. The San Francisco Shock took home the Grand Finals trophy after a dominating 4-0 win over the Vancouver Titans. With the strongest roster in the game, the Shock are looking good heading into the 2020 season. For other teams, roster shake-ups are imminent and the Overwatch League off-season already has teams making roster moves. This includes the New York Excelsior releasing first year player, Yeon-oh "Fl0w3R" Hwang from the squad.

New York had a pretty great year in 2019. They ended up the second seed in the playoffs and made it to the end of the winner's bracket before falling 4-3 to the Titans in a match that determined who would be the first team in the Grand Finals. The Excelsior then lost to the Shock in the loser bracket 4-0 as their solid season came to an end. It wasn't the desired outcome but a good showing for the NYXL as they have earned a reputation of falling apart as soon as the playoffs approach.

Unfortunately for Flow3r, his opportunity to continue with the New York Excelsior into the 2020 season and attempt to reach the Grand Finals next year won't be happening. The newest member of the team was released after just one season with New York. It was a somewhat disappointing season for Flow3r as he didn't get much playing time and when he did, was thrown into extremely intense and important moments.

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Flow3r made a name for himself during the Overwatch World Cup and when he turned 18, he joined the New York Excelsior with hopes of raising the the best team from the 2018 season to an even higher level. Unfortunately, nothing went according to plan. The majority of the season was played in a meta that Flow3r wouldn't be able to make an impact in, and when he got his chance didn't perform to the absurd level that people assumed he would.

Flow3r and New York never seemed to click, but that doesn't mean he was a bad player or that he won't find a new team somewhere in the Overwatch League. In fact, it would be surprising if he didn't sign with someone else. New York has a strong team already so it will be interesting to see what moves they continue to make going forward as they head into 2020.

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