New Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament Rules Will Penalize Players For Attending With Poor Hygiene

Konami actually wrote a new rule for Yu-Gi-Oh! card tournaments that require players to maintain a certain level of hygiene or be penalized.

The future of competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! has just gotten a whole lot cleaner, as a new addition has been added to the official rules document laid out by Konami Digital Entertainment for tournaments in the United States of America, which states that players have to maintain a basic level of hygiene, or they will be penalized.

The official Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament rules for the United States of America were updated as of April 3, 2019, and they included several new additions, such as duelists not being allowed to use electronic devices other than a calculator during a game, but the most striking new rule is one that gives tournament organizers the power to penalize players who do not meet basic hygiene standards.

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The updated rules document lists the hygiene addition on page fifteen, where it lays out the ground-work for the ruling and the ways tournament organizers can use them.

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You are expected to be clean when you enter a tournament. Neglecting to wash or put on clean clothes contributes to an unpleasant atmosphere at the event, as the tournament can be crowded and the day can be long.

Persons who neglect self-care to the point that they are negatively impacting the tournament may be asked to correct the issue in order to continue in the event

It's a shame that such a basic thing needs to be written into tournament rules, but a lack of self-care is an issue at many similar competitive gaming events and conventions. There is no excuse for showing up to an event where you will be spending a lot of time in close proximity to other people without having taken a shower beforehand and wearing a set of freshly laundered clothes, but there are people who do it and have no problem stinking all through the day.

The one downside to putting a hygiene rule into an official form is that it may lead to uncomfortable situations at tournaments, but there are times when the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

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