The Newest Fortnite Challenger is... A JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Battle Royale Game!?

Bandai Namco showed off a trailer for JoJos Bizarre Adventure: Last Survivor, the anime take on the battle royale genre.

You thought it was going to be another Fortnite clone, but it was me, Dio! That could very well be what JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fans say when a new video game based on the anime hits arcades this summer. Because it turns out that the new JoJo game is a battle royale.

It sounds like a bizarre combination, but then again JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is a bizarre anime. It originates from the Shonen Jump brand, the same publisher that puts out Naruto and Dragon Ball Z. Unlike those typical action anime, however, JoJo battles tend to revolve around strategy and outlandish superpowers rather than energy-boosted martial arts. So in some ways it might the the most fitting anime to take on the battle royale genre.

A trailer for the game, called JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Last Survivor, was released last week by Bandai Namco.

As the name implies, a number of players will be duking it out simultaneously to be the "last survivor." The battlefield seems to be a town in a mountain valley, with plenty of buildings to hide in and streets to cautiously stalk. It seems to be a fairly typical battle royale setup. It beings to diverge once the characters get involved.

One of the hallmarks of the JoJo series is the varied list of flamboyant characters. From their visual designs to their powers, they differ from each other wildly. There's no way to simply toss them in a battle royale setup, give them uniform weapons, and have it play out like Fortnite or PUBG. Instead, the trailer shows that each character will bring something different to the game.

Several characters make use of "Stands" that project a ghostlike being behind them to attack on their behalf. Some Stands throw out punches that shoot out at opponents. One Stands lets the user summon a portal in front of them that can warp them around the map and even go through walls for sneak attacks. One character does have a gun, but even he gets weird by being able to control the bullet after it is shot.

via: Bandai Namco

Overall, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Last Survivor looks like it will claim the title of most unique battle royale game in existence. Unfortunately, Western fans are likely to miss out. Bandai Namco only announced a release for Japanese arcades. Then again, the Switch has been playing home to a lot of odd and unlikely Japanese games, so anything is possible.

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