Nexon's Latest Mobile MMO is Spiritwish (Pre-Registration Now Open)

Nexon—the company behind titles such as MapleStory and Dungeon Fighter Online—has announced that pre-registration is now open for Spiritwish.

Spiritwish is being developed by Neon Studio and will be coming to both Android and iOS devices. The game features a mixture of 3D textures and hand-drawn sprites which gives Spiritwish a unique look for a mobile title, and a style that fits right in with the self-described appearance of a 'fairy tale adventure.'

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The new MMORPG allows you to put together a party of three adventurers that you'll control throughout your quests. Spiritwish allows you to control the action directly, or you can turn on Auto-Play to take care of the more mundane tasks. The game features several co-op modes and daily dungeons, along with larger raids.

Players will follow a story that sees the adventurers attempting to recover ancient relics that will protect their land from evil forces who seek to overtake it. It doesn't sound too original from that description, but we'll reserve judgement until we get our hands on the game.

Spiritwish is also playable in both landscape and portrait mode, a feature not often seen in mobile games. Of course, some of the more demanding content might be better played in landscape mode, where its easier to fit a second hand on the screen for multitasking. The UI does a great job scaling to fit the screen in both modes, allowing the action to be enjoyed regardless of your preferred orientation.

While the title looks promising, Nexon has had mixed results with mobile games. Titles such as MapleStory flourished on PC back in the day, but the mobile port didn't spark as much interest and only has a 3.6 rating on the Play Store. Their other mobile entries, however, have millions of downloads and user ratings well over 4.0. It'll be interesting to see which category Spiritwish falls into when it is released.

The game is expected to launch near the middle of October, so it could be available as early as this week. Pre-registration is available on the official website.

Source: PocketGamer

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