Next Assassin’s Creed Heading To A Norse Setting, According To The Division 2

An easter egg in Tom Clancy's The Division 2 has revealed that the next Assassin's Creed game may be set in the Viking era. The teaser has not been officially confirmed, but Kotaku has "heard from two independent sources familiar with the game" that the easter egg is legitimate.

The possible teaser, found by wiki user AlifMorrisonudin, is a poster featuring a Norse god holding the Apple of Eden, an Artifact from the Assassin's Creed series. The poster also features the phrase "Valhalla," named of the Norse afterlife for warriors who die with honor.

The golden apples of the Vikings have also been featured in Assassin's Creed lore previously. In Norse mythology, the goddess, Idun, is said to be the caretaker of an orchard of golden apples, which are revealed to actually be Apples of Eden during the game.

Also, Ubisoft has a long history of teasing upcoming games in their new releases, so an easter egg for a new Assassin's Creed wouldn't be surprising. In fact, Ubisoft teased The Division 2 in different DLC for Ghost Recon Wildlands. Skell Technology, which appears in several Tom Clancy games, also appeared in Ghost Recon Wildlands, and clues relevant to their appearance in missions could be pieced together to find the username and password for the Skell Technology website.

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Ubisoft also teased that Watchdogs 3 would be set in London with a patch that tweaked the ending of Watchdogs 2.

Ubisoft has confirmed that the next Assassin's Creed game is coming in 2020 to next-gen consoles, so the timing for an easter egg would be about right.

In addition to aesthetic and situational clues, Kotaku spoke with two independent sources who both said the Assassin's Creed game coming in 2020 is code-named Kingdom, and will feature Vikings. There's not much more information, but for Skyrim fans, that's probably enough information to get excited.

However, the easter egg directly contradicts several long-running rumors that the next Assassin's Creed will be set in Rome. The rumors started with a 4chan post that correctly predicted Assassin's Creed Origins. The post also stated that the game would be part of a trilogy, with the second two games set in Rome and Greece. After Assassin's Creed Odyssey came out, the post seemed all but confirmed.

Since one part of the prediction was correct, many gamers assumed the rest would be as well. However, with the new Viking easter egg, it's looking more and more like that will not be the case.

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