Meet The Next Esports Legend: Bart Simpson

The next episode of The Simpsons will chronicle Bart as he becomes an esports star.

After 30 seasons, it's hard to find new ideas for any show, but The Simpsons have found something unique. In an upcoming episode of the long-running cartoon titled, “E My Sports,” Bart Simpson will become a professional gamer, according to Polygon. The game in question is called Conflict of Enemies, but will probably look a little familiar to League of Legends fans, as the show creators worked with Riot Games to create an authentic esports experience. With that in mind, the LOL developers didn't have any power to shoot down ideas, and they didn't give any restrictions on how the TV writers could show the game, so their role was solely consulting.

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Heading into the episode, we actually have quite a bit to go off of. Aside from a brief episode rundown, we got a tweet from writer, Al Jean, revealing what Conflict of Enemies will look like, a promotional photo showing Bart rocking some facial scruff along with a new gaming rig and new chair, and an actual clip from the episode.

"As Bart begins to excel in video game competitions, Homer discovers a passion for coaching him," reads the description. "Lisa attempts to bring Homer back to reality, but the plan causes chaos."

It didn't stop there, however. Esports consultant, Rod Breslau, went a little further in giving away plot details on Twitter, saying Bart will be a "one trick" who makes it big, eventually causing issues within his team.

This wouldn't be the first time The Simpsons referenced gaming, however. In fact, throughout the series' 30 seasons, there have been more than a handful of nods to the industry.  These include, but aren't limited to "Mole Man X," based on Capcom's Mega-Man X, "Metal Gear Soiled", an homage to Metal Gear Solid, and even "Zero Life", which is a nod to Half-Life. Still, this will be the first time esports has been mentioned in Springfield.

Hopefully, with Riot Games consulting on the project, fans can get an experience that gamers will enjoy, rather than feel insulted by. For a show that's run as long as The Simpsons, tapping into a market as large as online gaming could get a whole new generation hooked on the show.  Not only that, but this could be a great way to show older folks — who may only know about esports as that thing their kid watches on the computer — what all those Twitch streamers are making so much money off of. If done right, this could be a special episode.

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