Next-Gen Xbox Will Be Even 'More Advanced' Than PS5

In recent weeks we've been getting plenty of news regarding the Playstation 5. But while we've been hearing a lot about the new Playstation, there hasn't been as much news about the new Xbox.

Well we finally got a little nugget of info regarding the next gen console from Microsoft, and if true, it may wind up being an even more powerful system than the PS5.

On Twitter, online journalist Ainsley Bowden stated that he had spoken to "multiple insiders" about the next Xbox. He stated that the system is slated to have specs that will be even more advanced than anything Sony has revealed thus far about the PS5. He also notes that the next Xbox has been codenamed "Anaconda," which is different from the system's previous code name of "Project Scarlett."

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It's also a pretty rad code name.

This isn't necessarily a lot to go on when it comes to information about the next gen Xbox. However, the specs for the PS5 have already seemed pretty impressive. Sony's Mark Cerny recently revealed that the new console will support 8K graphics and ray tracing, will load games incredibly fast thanks to a solid state drive, will have backwards compatibility for PS4 games, and will continue to support Sony's Playstation VR venture. So if the next Xbox turns out to be even more powerful than all of that, then it could be a pretty incredible machine.

For people who like playing their games on the best hardware imaginable, this could be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing which new system to buy. Better hardware means a smoother framerate and shinier graphics, which can make all the difference in the console war.

That being said, having the best console doesn't matter much if there's no games to play on it. Microsoft's biggest failing this generation has been a lack of console exclusives. Sony has put out classics like Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, God Of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Marvel's Spiderman, and several others. Meanwhile, Microsoft only had a few notable games, like Gears Of War 4, Halo 5: Guardians, Sea Of Thieves, and entries in the Forza franchise. Microsoft has made some big studio purchases, buying up studios like Ninja Theory and Obsidian, so hopefully this means more Xbox exclusives this time around.

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We don't have much more to go on right now, and just saying the next Xbox will be even better without revealing something substantial to back it up, doesn't really prove much of anything. However, we do know that Microsoft is set to give their E3 presentation on Sunday, June 9, and they're promising to have their "biggest E3 presence ever" at this year's event. And what could possibly be bigger, than the reveal of the next Xbox?

Let's just hope that they actually do call it the Xbox Anaconda. Because that name rules.

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