A Release Date Has Been Announced For The 3rd Mortal Kombat Movie

Following the announcement that a new Mortal Kombat movie is finally on the way, Warner Bros. has revealed that the film is set for release on March 5, 2021, per Eurogamer.

Fans have been waiting for this for quite some time and had probably grown skeptical over a third movie ever hitting their screens. However, last week, it was brought to light that the production of a new MK movie should begin in Australia next month.

The announcement was made by South Australia Premier Steven Marshall himself, and it has also been reported that this movie will prompt the largest-ever film production in the southern part of the continent. Additionally, it is expected to create 580 new jobs and pump $70 million AUD into the Australian economy.

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Warner Bros. actually announced a director and a writer for the movie way back in 2016, with Simon McQoid and Greg Russo being named. But it appeared that everyone eventually forgot about the project.

via bloody-disgusting.comMcQoid will be making his directorial debut as part of the project, while Aquaman director James Wan will be the producer. The movie also has a reported budget of $48,284,510.

As far as MK fans are concerned, this is good news, except for the fact that they'll have a near-two-year wait for the launch.

As long as it's been in the works, there's not much that is known about this Mortal Kombat movie. A report last year claimed that the story would revolve around a Philadelphia boxer recruited by a prophesy seeker to fight in a fantasy tournament from which the outcome will determine Earth's destiny. The likes of Sonya Blade, Kano, and Shang Tsung are all expected to feature.

Of course, a lot may have changed since then, but this reboot has huge expectations to meet as the original movie from 1995 is considered to be one of the only decent video game film adaptations - mostly because the 1997 sequel hardly did it justice.

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