The Next Tetris 99 Event Has A Splatoon 2 Stage That Players Can Win

Splatoon 2 Tetris 99 Cover

The next event for Tetris 99 is a crossover with the Splatoon series that will allow players the chance to win a special Splatoon 2-themed stage, which is part of the fifth official Grand Prix event for the game.

The Tetris x Splatoon event is a crossover event that is promoting the final Splat Fest in Splatoon 2, which itself marks two years worth of events and content updates for that game.

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The Tetris x Splatoon event involves a Splatoon-themed stage, which replaces the competitor's sprites with the K.O. symbol from Splatoon 2 whenever they are defeated, the music is changed into a medley of songs from the Splatoon series, the sound effect whenever a line is broken is changed to a noise an Inkling makes when it gets hit, and the colors of the blocks have had their hue brightened.

Everyone who plays Tetris 99 during the fifth Grand Prix will be able to play on the Splatoon 2 stage, but the players will need to earn the stage if they want to keep it after the event has concluded. In order to keep the Splatoon 2 stage, the player needs to earn one hundred points in regular Tetris 99 matches during the event period, which will allow them to keep the stage. The number of points that a player earns towards unlocking the Splatoon 2 stage is determined by how high they rank in a match, so a skilled player will be able to unlock it in a couple of games. The unskilled players might be waiting a while as they scrounge together enough points in order to win the skin.

The last Tetris 99 tournament offered players the chance to win a stage skin in the style of the original Tetris game for the Game Boy, which included the classic Tetris theme.

Tetris 99 has been one of the best reasons to purchase a Nintendo Switch Online subscription and it's good to see that the game is still receiving new free content after its release. The question now is whether there will be similar events in the future to promote upcoming Nintendo Switch games?

The Tetris x Splatoon event in Tetris 99 begins on July 12 and ends on July 16.

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