NHL 19: 10 Pro Tips To Be A Star

Now that we come to the end of a decade, Electronic Arts concluded their NHL franchise on a high note with one of the most competitive games thus far. NHL 19 is the most immersive hockey experience yet. Being able to play across game modes such as Ones, Threes, and good old EASHL is more than gratifying. Learn how to master these tips and set yourself up for a barnburner (high scoring game) of a match. Whether you are a novice or an experienced player, the following pro tips will enhance your game. It goes without saying that practice is essential. We will discuss that and more in the upcoming listicle. This is NHL 19: 10 pro tips to be a star.

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10 Avoid Getting Penalties. Stay Out Of The Penalty Box

It makes sense that you can't help your team if you're stuck in the penalty box. Sure, taking a break to cool your heels is is beneficial, but how will your team win the game shorthanded? The smartest thing to do is avoid getting penalties in the first place by tripping an opponent, shooting the puck outside the rink in your end, or making perilous hits. NHL 19 has a practice mode that will teach players how to avoid penalties.

9 Pass The Puck... A Lot

Keep your head up on the ice and look for the open man. Pass the ice biscuit to other players in the game... a lot. It's not always about being the savior in a game of CHEL. Assists will add to your points, and your team effectiveness will increase as well. Keep in mind that passing to a non-open player is worse than not dishing the puck at all. Keep the puck moving, and those seeking goals will have the siren ringing in no time.

8 Play Your Position

Rather than trying to play a position in relation to other players, try to stick to the zone that relates to your position. It can't be stressed enough how important it is to play your position in NHL 19. Another option instead of playing zone would be to play man-to-man defense. That is, marking an opposing player instead of covering a zone. Play your position, and winning will come naturally. Too often do players try to do it all by skating out of their location to chase the puck.

7 Fighting Can Work To Your Advantage

Not only does fighting help to up the ante on your team, but it also acts to increase the amount of energy your team has.  Maintaining energy throughout a game is pivotal to winning matches.

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A fatigued team has a significant disadvantage when compared to a team with high energy. Keep track of your energy bar and pick and choose your fights when it is advantageous for your team. This strategy alone will make you win more hockey games.

6 Practice Your Deking

One of the most effective ways to train your deking skills is to jump into the Shootout Mode and get some much-needed training. Brushing up on your deking skills is essential to a game of CHEL since if you're like most people, you'll be on a few breakaways throughout the game.

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Being able to place the puck in the back of the net by deking provides players with a tremendous advantage on the ice. Using the skill stick, one can perform a variety of deking tricks. Get familiar with the skill stick and spend time in the Training Camp if needed.

5 Avoid Shooting On Your Back-Hand

Only the biggest hockey hosers shoot with their off-hand more than 50% of the time. Don't forget that your player has an off-hand and a natural handedness. Whether it is left or right, avoid shooting with your backhand more than 50% of the time. Sure NHL 19 adds features like the "Backhand Drag Shot," yet it's still more advantageous to shoot with your players right-hand if they are right-handed. You'll get more power per shot meter, and receive a wider aim range as well.

4 Stay Between The Net And The Player You're Marking

One objective of hockey players is to protect the net from the opposing team. Pretend you actually care for the goalie by blocking shots with the LB/L2 controls, or by standing in the way of a shot. Remaining between an opposing player and the net at all times will ensure you block more shots and keep the puck away from the back of the net. Even if you're marking an adept left winger like Brad Marchand, this strategy can work in your favor.

3 Use A Smart Mix Of Hits And Poke Checks

By using a smart mix of hits and poke checks, it's implied that you should avoid careless ones that lead to penalties. Hitting players without the puck is an easy way to get sent to the penalty box. Although poke checks can be more productive, some situations such as when a player is with the puck next to boards can call for a forceful hit.

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NHL 19 is less forgiving of reckless poke checks compared to previous games. You should use the R2/RB button to start the poke check and aim with the skill stick. Avoiding tripping the opponent and aim for the puck and you'll have hockey prowess in no time.

2 Learn How To Win Faceoffs

Winning faceoffs should be easy as pie. Unlike earlier NHL games, winning a faceoff is requires more effort than merely pressing one button (unless you use NHL 94 hybrid controls). Becoming a master of the faceoff by learning how to do a faceoff draw, backhand faceoff grip, faceoff tie-up, and faceoff stick lift. A faceoff tie-up can catch an opponent off guard by tieing up the puck, allowing a teammate to retrieve the puck. Learn all of the different faceoff moves and win possession—and matches.

1 Avoid Icing The Puck

Sometimes it is wise to take your time with the puck. Do not, however, pass the puck in front of the net or ice the puck every time you have possession. So many defencemen squander their time with the puck by firing it to the other end of the ice. Look for the open man and gift them the puck. Icing the puck for a faceoff leaves you with a 50% chance of getting the puck back, and you would get the puck on your end of the ice anyway.

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