25 NHL 19 Ratings That Are Too Crazy For Words

The NHL games are pretty hit or miss with hockey fans. Every year EA releases an updated game with new players, new rankings and some new features. While gameplay as a whole is good, and being able to play online is a positive, hockey fans just can't fully love it. Some aspects are really loved, but one thing consistently disagreed with every year is the player ratings. Each player has been ranked by their style, offensive, and defensive abilities, based off how they play in real life. As a whole, they get a ranking, the closer to 100 the better. No matter how closely EA tries to match that rating to real life, it's always disagreed with by fans.

The top 10 players are torn down as a lot of people believe they aren't that good in real life. When a loved player gets a lesser rating, the same thing happens. We guess EA has given up on trying to please everyone with the ratings, or they do it purposely to get people talking about it. That would be a genius marketing strategy. Another thing fans often get into heated discussions about is which player deserves to be on the cover of the new NHL game. We're not sure how EA chooses, but as we know you can never make anybody happy. NHL 19's cover is the Nashville Predator's P.K. Subban, who we think was deserving. In this article, we're going to be discussing 25 NHL 19 player ratings that fans just can't get their heads around. Keep reading to see if you agree or disagree with what we've got.

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25 Connor McDavid

via thestar.com

Connor McDavid was NHL 19's top-ranked player with a rating of 93. While everyone knows McDavid is really, really good, was he deserving of the top spot? Fans are divided on the subject and will likely remain divided.

A lot of people think his in-game face-off rating of 80 was too high, considering his face-off percentage for the year was around 41%. Many fans aren't surprised though and don't expect EA to tinker and adjust every single aspect into their ratings.

24 Wayne Gretzky

via coppernblue.com

As every hockey fan knows, and most people on Earth know, Wayne Gretzky is like the God of ice hockey. Every sport has its legends, and Gretzky is definitely hockey's. NHL 19 made fans happy when they announced the game would include legends of the game.

While fans are excited to be able to play Gretzky, his rating of 97 was pretty disappointing for some. While his rating is the highest of the legends, fans think it would've been nice to bump the rating up to 99 - because DUH. Either way, we get to play Gretzky!

23 Carey Price

via nhl.com

Everyone knows Carey Price is one of the greatest goalies of all time. He will go down in the history books as one of the most skilled goaltenders in the NHL. That plus the fact he is a pretty good guy means he has a lot of loyal fans.

We can't judge his NHL 19 rating too badly as he is the top-ranked goalie in the game. His overall rating of 92 was just a bit questionable, and fans think although he is one of the greatest, his last season wasn't and his rating should have shown that.

22 Drew Doughty

via lakingsinsider.com

Drew Doughty has been a consistent part of the Los Angeles Kings' defense for years now. He's proven time and time again he is a big player and a tough opponent on the ice, yet some fans of NHL 19 still question his overall rating of 92.

Despite his consistent playing and being drafted second overall, some fans just can't get into the idea of Doughty taking out the best overall defense-man in the game. We admit it can be hard to pick as there are just so many good ones.

21 Alexander Ovechkin

via russianmachineneverbreaks.com

Without a doubt, Alex Ovechkin is one of the best players the NHL has ever seen. It's a big statement but the Washington Capitals' captain has proven time and time again that he deserves to be in the hockey hall of fame.

Although his NHL 19 overall rating is 92, a lot of Caps fans don't think that's high enough. Ovi is one of the top goal scorers every year (and maybe of all time,) and last year led his team to get their first ever Stanley Cup. This might have been a good reason to give him the top placing instead of McDavid.

20 Sidney Crosby

via nhltraderumors.me

Without starting up the Crosby vs. Ovechkin feud again, we're going to agree that maybe Crosby should have been ranked a little lower than Ovi. While Crosby is definitely well deserving of a high rating, was 93 the correct rating?

It really just depends on who you ask. There's most likely going to be a little hostility between Caps and Pens fans, so we'll never be able to agree on who deserves the better rating. Either way, both players are second and third overall for NHL 19 so that's a win!

19 Brad Marchand

via beerleaguetalk.com

When it comes to naming your favorite hockey players, Brad Marchand isn't a name you hear a lot, but it should be. He has been with the Boston Bruins since he was drafted back in 2006. He is a solid player even though he was drafted 71st overall.

Since then he's just improved a little every season, but a lot of fans don't think it's enough to have earned him an overall rating of 88 in NHL 19. He's a good player, but there are a lot more consistent players who were rated lower.

18 Johnny Gaudreau

via youtube.com

Johnny Gaudreau was drafted to the Calgary Flames in 2011 as the 103rd overall pick. He wasn't a superstar but has proved himself as a serious contender and player who really brings the team together. His NHL 19 rating of 87 was a bit of a let down for fans.

It was debated on both sides but some fans thought Johnny Gaudreau should be higher because of his abilities as a play-maker. Maybe if the next season goes without injury Johnny could be ranked higher in the next game.

17 Nicklas Backstrom

via youtube.com

Nicklas Backstrom is the definition of a quiet achiever in hockey. He was drafted to the Washington Capitals in 2006 as the 4th overall pick, so everyone knew he had serious potential.

It's no surprise to Caps fans that Backstrom is known to be one of the best passers in the league and more often than not is assisting Ovi to goals. He's kind of an underdog which is why no one's surprised his NHL 19 rating was only 88. We would have at least pushed it to 90...

16 Jamie Benn

via espn.com

Jamie Benn is the captain of the Dallas Stars, and arguably one of best players in the league the last few years. He was drafted to Dallas in 2007 and 129th overall. After being that draft pick Benn put hard work in to become a player that is solid in defense and scoring.

His NHL 19 rating of 90 overall was accepted and appreciated by Stars supporters, but not by everyone. Some people might think Benn is overrated and his score is too high, but his stats show differently.

15 Tyler Seguin

via defendingbigd.com

Tyler Seguin was drafted to the Boston Bruins' in 2010 as the 2nd overall pick, so everyone expected some great hockey from him. While he was good at hockey the Bruins' traded him to the Dallas Stars because he liked to party, and impatience was their worst mistake.

When he got to Dallas, Seguin settled down and is now one of the best players on the team and one of the favorites in the league. His NHL 19 rating of 90 overall, most fans were happy. A select few think it should have been higher considering he and Benn carry the team.

14 Patrick Kane

via abc11.com

Patrick Kane has long been known as one of the best players in the league but in recent years there have been a lot of great rookies that might have knocked him out of his place. In the past few years, Kane has been highly rated in the NHL games and was even on the cover of NHL 16 for a while.

Since all the new rookies joined, and naturally sometimes with age, it seems like fans agree that he isn't what he used to be. His NHL 19 rating of 91 overall - making him 8th in the game, didn't sit that well with some fans as they think it should have been a little lower.

13 Patrice Bergeron

via thestar.com

Patrice Bergeron is another quiet achiever in the NHL. He was drafted 45th overall to the Boston Bruins in 2003 and has worked his way up to alternate captain. His NHL 19 rating of a 90 overall was a shock to some fans, who if asked to list good players, wouldn't have thought of Bergeron.

It seems that most fans agree with Bergeron's rating, as his defense is as good, if not better than his offense. A lot of people think he should have gotten 91 basing it on his last season. It's basically agreed that the ratings will never be perfect.

12 P.K. Subban

via thestar.com

This rating is definitely one of the most controversial we've had so far. P.K. Subban was picked as the cover player for this game, yet fans believe he was underappreciated as far as ratings go. Subban got an 88 overall, and that doesn't' seem high enough.

Nashville Predators fans are disappointed in the rating considering last season was probably the best of Subban's career. Subban himself even tweeted with a confused emoji. His bio on the NHL 19 website is nothing but positive, so we're not sure where this rating came from...

11 Roman Josi

via pinterest.com

Roman Josi is one of the best defenders the Nashville Predators have, and definitely one of the best in the league. You don't hear a lot about most defense-man anyway, because their job isn't really to score goals, but Josi is very underrated according to fans, who would pick him over teammate P.K. Subban.

His NHL 19 rating of 88 overall placed him just under Subban. While fans are happy Josi is getting some recognition for how quick and efficient his game is, some aren't. His rating means he's not in the top defense-men in the game.

10 Artemi Panarin

via reddit.com

Artemi Panarin is a pretty confusing case for this list. When he joined the NHL he wasn't drafted but started his hockey career in Russia before joining the Chicago Blackhawks. He had two good seasons there before they traded him to the Columbus Blue Jackets. A lot of fans were saddened by this decision.

Panarin is a very skilled player, and even though he joined the NHL later than most players, he's racked up a lot of points in that short time. His overall NHL 19 rating of 88 overall felt a little low. Blackhawks fans are excited at the possibility of getting him back.

9 Auston Matthews

via pensionplanpuppets.com

Auston Matthews is basically a baby when it comes to hockey players. He was only drafted back in 2016, but he was already impressive as he was the first overall draft. The Toronto Maple Leafs got him and in just three short years, his skills have greatly improved the team.

Matthews is basically the same as McDavid, skilled, young, basically the next gen Crosby or Ovechkin. That's why it doesn't really make sense that Matthews got an 89 overall rating when McDavid took out the top spot. Fans were also disputing that he should have gotten at least a 90.

8 Nathan MacKinnon

via youtube.com

Nathan MacKinnon is a center for Colorado Avalanche. He was drafted to the team 1st overall and has been a solid player since. He's been improving every year since and was rated 90 overall in NHL 19. That places him at the 13th overall player in the game.

A lot of fans are excited about this, but some think he should have been a bit higher, considering his last season was by far the best, and he basically carried the team to the playoffs.

7 Braden Holtby

via sportsnet.ca

Braden Holtby is the Washington Capital's best goalie by far. No disrespect to any of the other's but Holtby is just fantastic. He should definitely be considered one of the best goalies in the league.

His NHL 19 rating of 91 was fantastic and fans loved to see his recognition as a goalie. His rating ranked him at 12th out of the whole game, and 3rd in goaltenders. As one of the reasons the Caps were able to secure the cup last year, even we feel like Holtby should get a little more recognition.

6 Mario Lemieux

via reddit.com

Another legend of hockey and a new addition to NHL 19 is Pittsburgh Penguins star, Mario Lemieux. While most fans were super excited about getting to play their favorite retired NHL stars, a lot of fans had issues with it also.

That wasn't the only controversy for fans of the game. Mario Lemieux's overall rating of 96 was an issue, who think should have gotten way higher considering his records. We know they can't just give all the legends scores of 100, but they could put them a fair way ahead of current players.

5 Pekka Rinne

via thestar.com

Pekka Rinne was drafted to the Nashville Predators 258th overall in 2004. He's been a solid member of the team since and has earned himself a spot as one of the top goalies in NHL 19. With high stats, he got a rating of 90 overall.

While a lot of people agree his in-game character is very good and one of the best goalies to use, was 90 really a deserving score? Rinne is a solid player but up there with the top goalies in the league seems like a bit much.

4 Marc-Andre Fleury

via sportingnews.com

Marc-Andre Fleury was drafted 1st overall to the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2003. He played amazingly for the pens until he was bounced over to the Las Vegas Knights to welcome the team to the NHL.

As a first-round pick goalie, everyone knew Fleury was going to do amazing things and he did. He's credited as one of the best goalies of all time. This is why people are sort of disappointed that his NHL 19 rating of 86 didn't make him the top goalie in the game.

3 Jakub Voracek

via nbcsports.com

Jakub Voracek was the 7th overall draft in the 2007 NHL draft. He was signed to the Columbus Blue Jackets where he proved himself as a very valuable player. After a few years, he was traded to the Philadelphia Flyers where he still plays.

The Flyers and their fans know Voracek's value as a forward. When NHL 19 announced payer ratings and Voracek's was only an 88, people disagreed. He had an incredible season last year and for some reason, NHL 19 didn't seem to notice it.

2 Phil Kessel

via reddit.com

Phil Kessel was drafted 5th overall to the Boston Bruins in 2006. He's proved himself as a solid player with one of the best wrist shots in the league. After Boston, he played for the Toronto Maple Leafs before being traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2015.

His NHL 19 overall rating is 89 which is great, but Kessel fans think it should have been a little bit more given his underrated skills. His seasons with the Pens have been some of the best of his career, and the fans are extremely passionate about it.

1 Mitch Marner

via sharpmagazine.com

Mitch Marner is one of the best players on the Toronto Maple Leafs, but it seems like NHL 19 isn't recognizing that. His overall rating is only 86, which is probably the biggest upset of this list. Marner was the 4th overall draft in 2015 and has stayed with the Leafs since.

He's had solid seasons since joining and proved himself as a serious scorer, especially with assists. Fans are confused as a few believe he should have been rated higher than Auston Matthews. What we realize from this list is EA really doesn't do its research.

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