All Grown Up: 21 Nickelodeon Characters Turned Into Parents By The Community

The cartoon fan art community have transformed these Nickelodeon kids characters into parents.

Welcome to a new edition of Nickelodeon parents! Needless to say, we all love our classic cartoon characters. I care about more about some fictional characters than I do about some of my own family members. In fact, we become so attached to certain characters that we can hardly bear it when our favorite shows inevitably air their final episodes. Sure, we wear out old DVDs and Blu-Rays in repeat viewings but there are only so many times you can watch SpongeBob SquarePants no matter how much you love it. I don’t know what that number of viewings is though, because I’ve never reached it.

That’s when fan artists come in. Not content to respect series’ creators' neatly-wrapped storylines, they take it upon themselves to give us more. That often means seeing the next generation of beloved characters. I mean, after so much will-they-won’t-they build-up in some of these shows, it’s natural we want more epilogue. I can take a lot of epilogue. Like, the end of Return of the King extended edition felt rushed to me. I deny ambiguity! I want to know exactly how things happened afterward! Give me reams and reams of photos of Aang and Katara’s children in their infancy. If ever you’ve craved to know what happens next— what happened to Danny and Sam or Lincoln from Loud House— look no further.

21 Ticky Confirmed


Art by: garabatoz

Holy heck, you guys. What if Timmy from Fairly Odd Parents grew up only to marry the babysitter, Vicky? First of all, that would be pretty sick because she probably changed him as a baby. Second of all, that would be pretty sick because um hello? Vicky is one of the biggest meanies on earth— and that’s in a show where there legit paranormal forces trying to destroy a 10-year old boy.

20 Hey Arnold, You’re A Dad!


Art by: jebbiepinka

Nerds everywhere— I mean beloved patrons of TheGamer— have a soft spot in their hearts for Arnold x Helga.

Hey Football head, why isn’t your kid’s hair blonde?

I think the relationship speaks to all of our unrequited romances, unless the person reading this happens to be really, really ridiculously good-looking and never experienced unrequited romance. Artist jebbiepinka is king of the hill when it comes to Helga x Arnold fantasies.

19 Aang Is A Kid Forever


Art by: sakura-rose12

It’s Aang and his kids! Although Aang is all old and stuff, he never ceases to be a kid. Not even when he’s reincarnated into Korra later on.

Aang grows up someday, dispelling all rumors that he was born permanently bald as a child.

Artist Sakura-Rose12, continuing in the long tradition of fan artists before her, has channeled her impressive talents towards shipping characters from Nickelodeon. For this we thank her.

18 A Phantom In The Oven


Art by: allyphantomrush

That’s right. More allyphantomrush. When it comes to good Danny Phantom fan art shipping, you can’t beat her. Shoutout to artist amethyst-ocean’s stuff as well. Sam and Danny have come a long way from their will-they-won’t-they days. When Danny found out Sam was loaded, he knew she was a keeper! Just kidding. Danny loves Sam no matter how much money she has. It just turns out she has a lot of it. And that’s a bonus.

17 The Rugrats’ Rugrats


Art by: Pedro Fequiere

The Rugrats are all grown up. But we’re not going to talk about that. Notice anything about this picture? One of these things is not like the other. That’s right, Tommy doesn’t have a baby.

Who needs a baby when you have dreadlocks, Tommy? The look of unbridled fear in his parents’ faces will haunt my dreams.

Wow. The Pickles sure look scared of their son. I don’t know what Tommy’s college years were like, but I’m guessing he goes by Tizzle Pickles now.

16 Lynn Is Just As Competitive As A Mom


Art by: sonson-sensei

Okay, show of hands. Who likes Loud House? I am not being facetious. Please let me know in the comments if you would like me to include more material from this show. No, Sonson-sensei, your vote doesn’t count. I only use your material at my whim to further my purpose. Just kidding. I owe all you fan artists so much. Here competitive Lynn can be seen playing dirty in order to get the upper hand. Some things never change. Like your hate for Loud House.

15 Toomy Confirmed


Art by: zartist2017

There are a lot of Timmy x Tootie ships out there. At least they’re age-appropriate. I see the appeal when folks ship Timmy with Vicky— enemies becoming romantical and all that makes for good fodder— but it ain’t realistic. Based on unexamined stereotypes I harbor, I feel confident stating Timmy’s mullet means he can’t support his new family. Much more likely, Timmy and Tootie would end up together despite any differences they had when they were younger.

14 One Toph Mama


Art by: kelly1412

With the jump between Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, we didn’t really get to see much of momma Toph. Seeing Lin as a mature woman from the get-go, as well as all the other kids like JK Simmons, is one of the niftiest parts of the sequel. Hopefully, we’ll see some more of momma Toph and baby Lin in the new Avatar series headed to Netflix. You read that right.

13 Spongebabe


Art by: carossmo

I never thought I’d say this, but this SpongeBob SquarePants art is masterful. Artist carossmo captures the Nickelodeon classic’s aesthetic to a tee. SpongeBob’s baby looks exactly like what we’d expect Spongebob’s baby to look like— that is to say, a tinier clone of the eponymous sponge. Apparently, the artist used inspiration from a magazine cover. Unless they trace over it and called it their own— which I highly doubt— hats off to carossmo’s talent.

12 Danny’s Day With His Son


Art by: allyphantomrush

We got some real heavyweights in this list. I’m talking the best of the best folks. Artist allyphantomrush is one of the biggest Danny Phantom fan artists on the block. If you think that isn’t a major claim to fame, boy howdy, you haven’t been googling this stuff long enough. Allyphantomrush says she came up with the idea of an idyllic fishing with Danny and his son while watching the episode Girls Night Out.

11 Lynn Wins At Being A Mom


Art by: sonson-sensei

The Loud House is a relatively recent show compared to some of the other shows on this list. Of course, if you’re still in High School, 2014 might feel like it was ages ago to you. Here Lincoln’s athletic sister Lynn can be seen with her newborn. The artist, sonson-sensei, states that Lynn is aged 27 here. We’re sure she’ll make a great mom someday. Interestingly, Lynn’s voice actress, Jessica DiCicco, just had a baby this year. Coincidence!? Yes!?

10 Daddy Phantom


Art by: allyphantomrush

I told you allyphantomrush was one of the best. (Yes, I will always include the full username and capitalize whenever I darn well feel like it). Apparently, this image was made to celebrate Father’s Day in allyphantomrush’s country. Which country is that? Who’s to say? She might come from some weird third-world country that only celebrates Father’s Day and airs repeats of Danny Phantom. Thanks for giving us allyphantomrush, weird Father’s Day country!

9 Spandy Squarepants


Art by: carossmo

Alright, I know we don’t see any SpongeBob and Sandy here but this image was too adorable not to include. She’s their unholy offspring. According to artist carossmo, Spandy C. Squarepants is “Probably a science experiment that gotten horribly wrong... (or not). This is the result of all that brainwashing from all those SBxSC fanfics and vids from YouTube” I wasn’t aware there were SBxCC fanfics and YouTube vids but who am I kidding— of course, there were.

8 No More Parenting Aangst


Art by: theoriginalkea

Tenzin— or should I say JK Simmons— just became a dad. In lieu of doing my job and writing about this awesome piece from artist theoriginalIkea, I’m going to paste the text of Simmons’ Oscar acceptance speech, wherein he talks about calling your parents: “Don’t text, don’t e-mail. . . . Call them. Listen to them for as long as they want to talk to you.” Good advice. A lot of people in this world would love to see their parents’ names pop up on their cell one last time. Take nothing for granted.

7 The Next Generation Of Louds


Art by: sonson-sensei

Lynn’s been busy— at least according to artist sonson-sensei. This is the second pregnant Lynn picture from the artist. I’m not sure what the fascination with Lynn is, but sonson-sensei fully admits to a major Lynn bias.

Lynn’s competitive spirit forces her to have as many babies as possible.

Can we blame sonson-sensei? Lynn’s cheery, competitive attitude is a major draw. She’s way more charismatic than some of Lincoln’s other sisters.

6 Tenzin Feels The Tension


Art by: theoriginalkea

The title of this piece, which I’m flat out stealing for this entry’s title is “Operation Keep-Ikki-Occupied. As you can tell, it’s a complete failure.

Ikki’s got more than a little of her grandpa in her.

Here’s the story behind this image: Tenzin tried to keep Ikki busy by counting all the trees on the island. The answer is 10,552. She was able to figure out way too fast for anyone’s comfort.

5 Sunny And SpongeKenny


Art by: raggyrabbit94

Another Sandy x Spongebob masterpiece. As artist raggyrabbit94 points out, if you think it’s impossible for any characters on the show to have kids just remember that Mr. Krabs has a whale for a daughter. So there. The kids’ names are Sunny Squarepants and SpongeKenny Squarepants. Hey. Don’t laugh. They’re way better than the Spongebob kids names you invented in your fanfic. I’m not sure if sponges and squirrels can have kids together but if that’s our only problem with all of this, we have a lot of soul searching to do.

4 The Korra Kids


Art by: saperlotte

Recognize the mise en scène? The devout Korra fans will recognize the background if from episode 3 when Korra wakes up on Mako’s shoulder.

Autocorrect keeps changing it to Legend of Korea and I don’t think that story is suitable for kids.

Okay, so I know there is a paucity of pregnant or fan-fictional children in this photo. Still, everybody give it up for artist Saperlotte’s insane talents. This looks like a screenshot.

3 A Fairly Odd Family


Art by: silverbuller

Does this have extensive fan fiction literature to accompany the piece? Do I really need to ask that question? Artist silverbuller has gifted humanity with several pieces of artwork depicting Timmy’s future with Tootie. Besides Timmy here, this looks likes it could be a straight rip from the show. I’m not sure whether the artist photoshopped most of this or drew it themselves, but I’m at the end of my word count so nobody will ever know— Belmore out!

2 Meet The Turners


Art by: zartist2017

Here’s a fun game. Let’s play how fast can you open a link to deviantart page in a coffee shop and scroll down before the people sitting next to you judge you for life. I lose! It’s a game you’ve never played, dear reader, because we only bring you the highest quality fan-shipped art on the net. Artist ZArtist2017’s work is definitely among the better stuff out there. The aesthetic is uncanny and closely matches the show.

1 Avatar Sr. And Avatar Jr.


Art by: minuiko

Aang never really got to spend much time with Korra, on account of them being the same entity and all that. It’s pretty neat how almost everyone accepts the truth of the Avatar’s reincarnation without it being controversial.

Aw, Aang is playing with himself!

I guess when you live in a world where people can control elements, it makes it a lot easier to buy the whole reincarnation.

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