25 Nickelodeon Characters That Are Impossible To Cosplay (But Fans Pulled Off)

Cosplay is a very freeing hobby. It allows people to get creative through expression, becoming somebody else for the day. Some cosplayers go all out when it comes to their designs, making armor, sewing clothing and sometimes even completing lengthy make-up sessions. The cosplay community is basically a bunch of nerds who share the same interests. We were those awkward kids in school, always singled out for being different.

But recently, the cosplay community has changed entirely. Slowly, “sultry” cosplay has begun to take over a hobby that I’m very passionate about. A woman in a wig, bra, and undergarments, can easily get more likes than one in a full suit of armor that she hand-crafted herself. Unfortunately, that’s fact more than anything.

However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with sultry cosplay. After all, like I said earlier, cosplay is a very freeing hobby. At the same time, it tends to be an issue in the community, especially when a lot of people look at their bodies and think they can’t be good enough in comparison to someone doing a boudoir shoot. They think their cosplay dreams are impossible to reach because of that low self-esteem they feel.

This is where I’m going to jump in and say that cosplay gives people the ability to do anything. If you’re cosplaying for the sake of popularity, you’re in it for the wrong reasons. But if you find yourself doubting how to cosplay a character, here are some incredible examples of Nickelodeon character cosplay to show how you can cosplay as anyone you want to be.

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25 The Ultimate Fry Cook

via hegeekshegeek.wordpress.com

SpongeBob SquarePants is definitely a cartoon that should be familiar to the majority of 90s and early 2000s babies. But if you find yourself wondering how to cosplay as a sponge with a somewhat obnoxious laugh, look no further. This is a perfect example of a humanized version of Mr. SquarePants.

Heck, you don’t even have to paint your skin for this if you really don’t want to. SpongeBob’s outfit is casual enough that you can easily go to a thrift store and get clothing items for it. Props also can really add to the cosplay. For example, this cosplayer has a spatula and Krabby Patty. I love seeing humanized takes on characters like this. That’s one great way to test your creative skills.

24 World's Spookiest Stick

via flickr.com

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters was a very popular Nickelodeon cartoon in the 90s. But during that time, cosplay wasn’t nearly as well-known or mainstream as it is today. Cosplay from this show does exist and it’s surprisingly very easy to put together, so long as you’re comfortable wearing a bodysuit.

Here, we have somebody portraying Oblina, who’s almost shaped like a candy cane.

This cosplayer used two differently colored bodysuits to create the look while using paper and felt for Oblina’s eyes and mouth. This would definitely be a character to consider cosplaying, especially if you love hitting people with nostalgia. And who knows? Maybe you’ll scare some little kids at conventions, too. That might be fun.

23 Quite The Weird Yet Adorable Bunny

via tymanty353.deviantart.com

And speaking of scaring little kids, have you ever thought of cosplaying as Ickis? He’s also a character from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, but he might not be as scary to some people due to his bunny-like appearance. Also, if you look closely, you’ll see somebody staring into your soul from the pit that is Ickis’ mouth.

Anyway, it looks like this cosplayer constructed a suit made out of felt and foam to look exactly like Ickis. Using the mouth as a means of vision is excellent since the character’s eyes are positioned atop his head. Since part of the mouth is also black, it really helps to hide the person behind the mask even more. And since the costume is meant to be scary, those creepy eyes peering from the darkness just add to the overall spooky factor.

Cosplay by TyManty353.

22 Gotta Blast!

via dorkly.com

Jimmy Neutron is a brainiac child who can create all sorts of wacky inventions. However, his hairstyle sure is stellar, just like him. I’ve found myself staring at this picture for a while now, trying to figure out how she did her hair. It almost looks like all of her natural hair has been pulled straight to the top of her head, but I feel like that should be next to impossible. 

That is, unless a lot of hairspray and gel was used. And I mean a lot!

Any character from Jimmy Neutron is relatively easy to cosplay as since no outfit in that show is difficult to put together. Some painting might be required for symbols or emblems, but besides that, everything can most definitely be thrifted.

21 Try Not To Make Her Mad

via tumblr.com

This is an absolutely incredible Azula cosplayer. It takes a lot to master the snarky personality that is Princess Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender. However, if you think that her outfit is too difficult to make, you can always do casual versions of the character by wearing a basic red outfit.

But let’s take a second to admire all the detailing in this costume. If I had to guess, I would say that the cosplayer used gold craft foam for all the intricate details. It all looks breathtaking, and I’m sure it took quite a bit of time to do. It also looks like this cosplayer used her natural hair for this cosplay as well. She did a fantastic job getting the hairstyle correct.

20 Elegant Avatar Alumns

via larina-statome.deviantart.com

Following up on the Avatar discussion, here are two beautiful cosplayers portraying Katara and Suki. Fortunately, the four main characters in the Avatar series have pretty simple outfits that are easy enough to make. Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph, don’t have ridiculously detailed outfits that require a lot of work.

However, with a character like Suki, there might have to be some extra effort needed for the cosplay.

For one, she wears warrior makeup through the majority of the show. Her outfit also involves armor and fans, which usually means you, the cosplayer, would be making those accessories. But don’t let that deter you. If you’re willing to make a Suki cosplay, then I applaud you for being willing to put forth the effort.

Cosplay by Larina-Statome.

19 One Fine Day With A Woof And A Purr

via flickr.com

CatDog is also a popular Nickelodeon show from the 90s. But I’m sure you’re all familiar with it. It’s about an orange cat and dog that share a body. Of course, it’s not physically possible, but come on guys, it’s a cartoon. Anyway, there are several methods of cosplaying as the character. The favorite option is finding a friend to be your other half. Literally.

I’m sure this is an interesting outfit to maneuver in at a convention, but hey, as long as teamwork is practiced well, this can easily work. It will take a bit of time to actually sew the shirts together and make masks, but it’ll be worth the effort. You could also choose to do humanized versions as well, substituting orange wigs and makeups for the masks.

18 He's A Phantom!

via aicosu.deviantart.com

Once again, I find myself talking about one of my favorite cosplay couples. Aicosu has been cosplaying for a very long time now, and they make the majority of their outfits. They’ve done very elaborate cosplays such as Mercy from Overwatch and Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler.

However, here’s one of their simpler cosplays.

Danny Phantom is a good show to cosplay from if you’re still new to the convention scene. No matter which character you decide to be, you should have a pretty easy time making or even thrifting together pieces for the outfits. Of course, a lot of people cosplay Danny Phantom and Sam Manson together because they’re more or less viewed as a couple.

Cosplay by Aicosu.

17 Remember Her Name

via kinpatsu-cosplay.deviantart.com

Continuing on with Danny Phantom, here’s an awesome take on Ember McLain. I would have to say that Ember is one of the most popular villains in the series because of her tragic backstory and incredible character design. Kinpatsu Cosplay also does a great job of taking the simplest of characters and making them look so real.

Her makeup game is always on point and her wigs look like they came straight from a cartoon. Like Alyson Tabbitha, she’s a great example of how cosplay can be done on a low budget. Ember’s outfit is also very easy to thrift together. Heck, you might even have some black pants and a crop top in your closet right now. If so, what are you waiting for? Get to work!

Cosplay by Kinpatsu-Cosplay.

16 The Hero We Deserve

via gamerzone18.deviantart.com

I’m honestly surprised that not a lot of people cosplay from Doug. I still feel like a lot of people would recognize a cosplay from the show if they saw it at a convention. But unfortunately, as time goes on, beloved shows from the 90s start to fade away. And that’s not great, because, after all, who wouldn’t want to cosplay as Quailman?

Whether you choose to cosplay as Doug Funnie or Quailman, you’re going to have a very easy time putting together an outfit.

But if wearing white briefs on the outside of your pants frightens you a bit, you just might want to cosplay as plain old Doug. However, if you want to hit somebody with nostalgia, this is the way to do it.

Cosplay by Gamerzone18.

15 Fairly Odd Cosplay

via pinterest.com

As easy as it is to cosplay from Fairly OddParents, I don’t really see a lot of cosplay from it at conventions I regularly attend. Which is surprising since it would be extremely easy to dress up as Timmy Turner, Cosmo, or Wanda. Every clothing item could be bought at a thrift store. Heck, you might already have some of these items laying around.

The only effort you’d have to put into the outfit is potentially making a ‘Da Rules’ book, some wands, and crowns that suspend from the top of your head. These shouldn't be too difficult and it's not like you need the book to open. Fairly OddParents would be a great cosplay to do with friends if you’re looking for something casual to do for one day of a convention.

14 Love Triangle

via tsubasaglz.deviantart.com

I feel like this is basically a story where I talk about 90s shows that everybody remembers but nobody cosplays from anymore. That’s kind of depressing. Anyway, here’s Helga, Arnold, and Lila. If you’re not as familiar with this cartoon, Lila is another potential love interest for Arnold, much to Helga’s dismay.

I’m really hoping that this Helga cosplayer did some makeup for the trademark unibrow. It’s a necessity. But it’s cool to think about how many 90s and early 2000s shows are so easy to cosplay from. You can easily make or thrift the majority of their outfits since they’re not elaborately detailed. Also, once again, nostalgia. Hit con attendees right in the feels. You'd be surprised how many people light up when they see their favorite characters from childhood cartoons.

Cosplay by Tsubasaglz.

13 Aliens Rule!

via sedra60.deviantart.com

Now, since Invader Zim is making a comeback, I’m really hoping to see more cosplay from the series here within the next year. The show is also relatively easy to cosplay from so long as you don’t overthink it. For example, take a look at this Zim cosplayer. First, you could get those boots and leggings from just about any retail store.

As for the outfit, there’s not much to it, so that’s not anything strenuous to worry about.

I’ve also seen people do both humanized takes on the character as well as the cartoonish versions like this. It looks like they used cardboard and felt, using the mouth as a means for them to see. The blackness of the mouth really helps to hide the cosplayer, further selling this impressive costume.

Cosplay by Sedra60.

12 Aliens Drool!

via carinteriordesign.net

And if you want to get even more creative with your cosplay from Invader Zim, how about looking into a character that’s not as frequently cosplayed? Here’s somebody portraying Dib Membrane, one of the main characters from the series. Sure, the outfit is simple enough, but I think the character’s hair might scare some people away.

But compared to some characters in the animation realm, especially those from anime, this hairstyle is actually pretty tame. If anything, use a wire and shape the hair around that to create Dib’s elaborate hairpiece. Besides that, this cosplay is far from impossible. Anything is possible in cosplay. It just surprises me that people don’t do these cosplays as often as I thought they would.

11 An Extra Cheap Cosplay

via wakatakos.tumblr.com

Now here’s something you don’t see at every con. Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob’s money-loving employer, is, of course, a crab. He has a casual enough outfit that it would be pretty easy to put together. However, if you find yourself wondering how to cosplay as a crab, then look no further.

This cosplayer did an awesome job with her outfit.

Although I find it interesting that she decided to add a Plankton plush to her shoulder. I’m also curious to know if she’s able to hold anything in those claw gloves of hers. Regardless, this is a really unique cosplay and it’s definitely a rarity in the convention scene. If you like standing out at a con, I hope this is something you’ll consider doing.

10 The Ultimate Team

via confidenceman047.deviantart.com

Now I know I mentioned Avatar earlier, but this time we’re going to discuss its popular spinoff series, The Legend of Korra. Here we have three cosplayers portraying Mako, Korra, and Bolin, respectively. Like I mentioned earlier, cosplaying from the Avatar or Korra franchises is pretty simple for the majority of the characters.

I know a lot of cosplayers mainly thrift their clothing items and modify them to make them look exactly like the characters.

That’s one very nice aspect of simpler character designs. It makes them less difficult to cosplay as. For these types of cosplays, I’ve also seen people use fabric as a means to make them look like they’re bending the elements, which is awesome. If you're afraid to cosplay a difficult character design, start with something simple!

Cosplay by ConfidenceMan047.

9 No Grown-Ups Allowed

via: pinterest.com

I always feel like when I discuss Rugrats cosplay, people wonder how cosplaying as a baby or toddler is possible. Must I remind you again that cosplay is a freeing realm where you can cosplay as anybody? Look, as long as you’re not drawing pictures of small children kissing, you’re doing just fine.

Anyway, Rugrats cosplay is very simple to do. All of the clothing can be thrifted and with a few modifications, emblems like Chuckie’s and Kimi’s can be put onto it. Honestly, I think doing a Rugrats group cosplay would be amazing because of the nostalgia factor and uniqueness behind it. Character expressions also really add to the cosplay. This Chuckie is spot-on, expression and all.

8 The Ringleader

via sakurith.deviantart.com

Following up with Rugrats cosplay, if dressing up as Tommy or Phil and Lil doesn’t interest you, then how about one of the older kids, like Angelica? Come on, deep down I’m sure there's part of you that wants to be the snobby 3-year-old who always messes with “dumb babies.”

This Angelica cosplayer is adorable and she even teased a Barbie’s hair to make her look like Cynthia.

Once again, this is also an outfit that can easily be thrifted or made. Talk about a comfortable cosplay to wear for the lazy day of the convention. This outfit honestly looks like it would be rather comfortable. And getting a group of other Rugrats cosplayers to attend the con with you? Even better.

Cosplay by Sakurith.

7 She'd Rather Be At Home

via krieitor.deviantart.com

The Wild Thornberrys is also an incredible show from my childhood. Yet, for some reason, nobody really cosplays from the series anymore. Although I’ve seen my share of Nigel Thornberrys at conventions, what about the other characters, like Eliza, Darwin, or Debbie? For example, here is a gorgeous Debbie cosplayer.

Once again, the characters from the show don’t have complicated outfits. Debbie especially, since she wears typical 90s attire. This isn’t something challenging to do. All of this could easily be bought at a thrift or retail store. Although I’ll admit, if you’re just walking around by yourself at a convention as Debbie, some people might not immediately know who you are. And this is where I recommend doing a group cosplay!

Cosplay by Krieitor.

6 This Duo Is Smashing!

via pinterest.com

Speaking of group cosplay, here’s a fabulous pair portraying Nigel and Eliza Thornberry. I love how the Nigel cosplayer has such an accurate nose and facial hair. That really completes the look. You can tell they spent a ton of time working on those features. And the Eliza is beyond adorable! It even looks like they’re both wearing some type of retainer resembling fake teeth, which is an awesome, unique touch.

These are the types of cosplays I especially enjoy seeing because it just looks like they’re having so much fun together.

I think this is a good time to mention that cosplay is, and always has been, about having fun. If you’re in it for any other reason, then I don’t think you understand the true meaning of cosplay.

5 What Was Your Favorite Part Of The Cosplay?

via costumewall.com

Now if you think that cosplaying from a Nickelodeon show made with preschoolers in mind is impossible, let me show you just how wrong you are. First, did you forget about Dora the Explorer? I mean, look how simple this is to put together. Honestly, this is probably the easiest cosplay to do on this entire list.

All you need are tennis shoes, socks, orange shorts, a pink T-shirt, and a purple backpack. You could easily find all of these items for a decent price, and this is also a cosplay that wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to put together, either. Honestly, this would probably be one of those cosplays where you’d get frequently stopped for pictures, too.

4 Your Backyard Friends

via noodleninjacat.deviantart.com

Now this might be a bit more obscure to some, but have you ever heard of a show called The Backyardigans? This was a show about five animals that played together and did all of the creative and adventurous things that little kids do. It helped teach valuable lessons and entertained a younger crowd. 

Here, we have humanized versions of Pablo and Tyrone, a penguin and moose from the show.

As obscure as these may be, I give the cosplayers credit for being willing to put something together for a character that might not be immediately recognizable on the convention floor. At the same time, this could just also be something the cosplayers decided to do for fun as well. Regardless, they’re both adorable and unique cosplays.

Cosplay by NoodleNinjaCat.

3 Searching For Clues

via flickr.com

If you don’t know what the heck Blue’s Clues is, I’m just going to sit here and wonder why you’ve read this story this far in the first place. When it comes to Nickelodeon shows, Blue's Clues was incredibly popular. Anyway, this is an incredible cosplay of Steve. The idea is really simple, but it’s also very unique since it’s not something frequently done at conventions.

I’m sure it’s not too difficult to find a green striped shirt and make a mailbox, either. This cosplayer also has a plush of Blue that he’s carrying around, which makes his cosplay even more recognizable. I’ll admit, doing unique cosplays at conventions really helps you stand out in a crowd. But the matter of importance is making sure you’re having fun with it.

2 Me Hoy Minoy!

via tumblr.com

Even if you have never watched a single SpongeBob episode, I’m sure you’re familiar with Doodlebob memes. Doodlebob is, well, a doodle of SpongeBob that came to life. There are some wild shenanigans that ensue between artist and creation. However, have you considered cosplaying as this glorious meme?

Here’s one of many incredible ways to bring this character to life. Believe it or not, it’s actually very easy to do. This person used poster board to draw the character and wore a black body suit so that the viewer’s attention goes straight to Doodlebob. The large pencil prop is also a really nice touch. What you might think is impossible just might be the easiest and most popular cosplay you’ve ever done.

1 We Don't Deserve This Hero

via ultimatecomiccon.com

And last but not least, here’s a beautiful female cosplayer portraying Quailman. She even has a Porkchop plush, and he’s cosplaying too! After writing all this, it surprises me just how easy it really is to cosplay as many beloved Nickelodeon characters. However, I feel like they’re not really seen as often at conventions.

I’m not exactly sure why that is, but regardless, I hope Nickelodeon cosplay makes a comeback.

It’s always nice to see something nostalgic at a convention, and something like this would be perfect to make people freak out in excitement. More than anything though, I’m sure this cosplayer is having fun portraying one of her favorite characters from the Doug series.

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