25 Nickelodeon Girls Reimagined As New Moms

Growing up, I was a Nickelodeon kid. I loved pretty much every show that aired on that channel. At one point, my Dad tried to ban my siblings and me from watching it, telling us that the shows were all “stupid.” But we watched it anyway.

They weren’t “stupid” anyway; most of them taught amazing life lessons and talked about difficult issues such as bereavement and misogyny. At least, the cartoons did. I will admit that their live action stuff wasn’t always as sophisticated.

So many of the Nickelodeon shows on this list ended long ago. This shows how much they meant to fans and how often fans still think of them. Not just of the episodes they saw as kids, but what these characters might be up to now. Are they all grown up? What are their careers? Do they have families of their own? Not everyone chooses to have children, of course, but perhaps it would have been the future for some of these Nickelodeon girls. A lot of their shows revolved around family and how hard growing up can be. Perhaps now our favorite Nick girls are preparing themselves to be there for their own children, their future offering the same problems they once had. Also, babies are cute!

We’ll always remember these characters as they were on our televisions. But given how old they would be now, it’s natural to let the imagination wander. So, here are some artists' reimaginings of them as new moms! Be prepared for optimum cuteness!

25 From Bully To Momma

via deviantart.com/jebbiepinka

I feel like The Jungle Movie offered Hey Arnold! fans a lot of closure. For years, people have wondered what really did happen to Arnold’s parents and if they ever reunite. But they also wondered: what happened with Helga’s obsessive crush on Arnold?

When you look at her holding her fragile football-headed baby, you don’t see the same bully who constantly struck someone in the face for breathing.

I quite like that she is still rocking the pink bow as an adult. Even if she’s grown out of or plucked her unibrow!

Artwork by jebbiepinka.

24 Another Baby For The Family

via deviantart.com/jose-ramiro

To be honest, I never imagined this life for Angelica. Canonically, she would have turned thirty this year (let that sink in for a moment), but I still like to picture her traveling around, clubbing all night, and shopping every day. Maybe working as a lounge singer or a struggling actor.

I’ve also never been on board with this ship. These kids would have met a lot of different people along the way and I can’t see them feeling this way about one another even as adults. I do, however, love the baby name! I can imagine her ranting to her daughter the same way she did to Cynthia.

Artwork by Jose-Ramiro.

23 Turtles And Bellies

via deviantart.com/flashyfashionfraud

I know a lot of TMNT fans didn’t like April being aged down for the Nickelodeon 2012 series. While it did have its drawbacks, like April no longer being a mature, successful journalist, it’s interesting to think about April growing-up alongside the turtles. Does she still end up with Casey? Do the turtles develop a relationship with their children?

Particularly, I like that Mikey hasn’t grown up here. I don’t know if that was an expensive top or something, but you have to admit this is the best pregnant Halloween costume idea ever. Hopefully, April will come around to it.

Artwork by FlashyFashionFraud.

22 Football Head Jr.

via degrassi.wikia.com

Pretty much every fan art I’ve seen of these two in the future features a child whose head takes after Arnold’s. It’s very sweet, especially since Helga used the “football head” line to bully Arnold at school. But it does present a rather… logistical problem.

I love the idea that Arnold is completely oblivious to it.

Growing up, I suppose he didn’t get to discuss the facts of life with his mother. Perhaps if she’d shared her experience he would be more sympathetic towards Helga’s natural childbirth.

Artwork by genaminna.

21 The Ginger Family

via deviantart.com/cherrylights

Growing up, this was always my favorite show. It wasn’t about adventures or aliens, just about kids going through kid stuff. It was the one show that didn’t sugar coat growing-up and make high school seem like this glamorous experience. It’s going to suck, but some things are going to suck less.

The sweet thing is that, canonically, Ginger and Daryl do end up together and have a baby, as shown in the series finale. I’m sure they went through many other hurdles to get there, but it’s really sweet that they did.

Artwork by Cherrylights.

20 Another Rugrat

via deviantart.com/blackmasqrade

This is one of my favorite photos of my favorite Rugrat. A lot of the time, artists depict the DeVille twins as having twins of their own. This is, of course, a perfectly valid thing to think, since twins can run in families and Betty has a twin brother herself. But I also like it when people turn away from that stereotype.

But also, because this fan art is just so beautiful.

It shows that quiet, peaceful moment between mother and baby. Made even sweeter with her daughter’s laughter. May she have many of the same adventures. Albeit less dangerous ones.

Artwork by BlackMasqrade.

19 Her Alien Baby

via: fanpop.com

This is probably the most questionable ship on this list, in my personal opinion. When exactly do these two ever even pay attention to one another? Besides, Gaz is, without a doubt, the least mother-like person on this list. I’m sure the artist had their reasons and it’s sweet to see her and Zim in this family unit thing. But I hope Zim is prepared to put in the majority of the work for raising this baby, as Gaz is going to be way too busy with her Game Slave to deal with diapers and midnight feedings.

18 The Legend Continues

via deviantart.com/moni158

This is one of those photos that is so beautifully done that it could easily just pass for an original painting. You could hang this up in some kind of bohemian coffee shop and watch passers-by “aw” at it and stare at it intensely.

Of course, occasionally an Avatar fan would walk in, recognize the characters, and squeal with delight.

But that’s just an awesome bonus. Given how dark this show could get (at least for a kid’s show), it’s nice to imagine a happy ending for these characters and this pairing.

Artwork by moni158.

17 Family Magic

via deviantart.com/nintendomaximus

I guess the children here aren’t really “new” babies. I thought they looked like toddlers when I found this one, but I guess since Timmy is ten and is incredibly small (along with all the other ten-year-olds on the show), these kids could be anything from one to thirteen.

This is one of those shows that should have ended a long time ago. I love that it existed, but it’s just so different now and not as good as it used to be. Now it’s time to put Timmy to rest and let him live this life with Tootie and their kids.

Artwork by theartrix.

16 Baby Watanabe-Finster-Pickles

via deviantart.com/resotii

As much as I hate Nick’s insistence that everyone spends the rest of their life with someone they met as a child, I’ve always been disappointed that All Grown Up was canceled before they explored Kimi’s crush on Tommy.

Kimi admits in TP+KF that she used to have a crush on Tommy, which was possibly the beginning of a relationship storyline between the two.

Since the show never told us how that panned out, it’s up for fans to imagine it. Perhaps this was the future the shows creators always imagined. Kimi and Tommy with their purple-haired baby.

Artwork by resotii.

15 Little Phantom

via deviantart.com/allyphantomrush

I really like the way these characters have held on to the same style they had when they were teenagers. People often told me as a gothic teenager that I would be embarrassed by my style when I got older. Well, the joke's on them, since I’m in my mid-twenties now and still dress pretty much the same.

So not only will this baby grow-up in a house filled with awesome stories about fighting villains and ghost powers, but also a house filled with sci-fi, gothic goodness. That’s all kids want, right?

Artwork by AllyPhantomRush.

14 Baby Shortman-Pataki

via deviantart.com/jebbiepinka

Another quiet moment between new mother Helga, father Arnold, and their new baby. It’s cute to see so many photos of mother and child. It’s cute to see how much she has changed from the Helga we used to know if one artwork.

It’s been confirmed that the couple does end up together and eventually get married.

It would be interesting to see how Helga’s creepy obsession turned into a real relationship. Although that would have been a very different show.

Artwork by jebbiepinka.

13 Life As A Robot Mom

via deviantart.com/nintendomaximus

My first note on this one would be that Jenny was supposed to be six foot five, so I’m wondering how tall Brad ended up being. I’m not saying it’s impossible, it’s just comical. I’m also assuming that this baby is adopted, which rather makes this image all the sweeter.

I honestly don’t think this is that weird of a ship. Okay, sure, Jenny is a robot. But she has human feelings and deals with plenty of human problems. That’s more than enough to build a relationship on. Just don’t look too much into the mechanics of it.

Artwork by nintendomaximus.

12 Family Under The Sea

via deviantart.com/mrotterson

So, the mechanics of Jenny and Brad’s relationship can be negotiated, but I’m sure this one can be. I’m sure there is no reason why a sea sponge and a squirrel can fall in love and build a relationship if they can communicate together as easily as they do in the show.

But I really don’t think it’s possible for sea sponge and squirrel to naturally have one.

I don’t want to knock the loving, warm tone between this couple as they relax together in their nursery. It’s cute, but it still can’t happen!

Artwork by MrOtterson.

11 Growing Up Together

via deviantart.com/blackmasqrade

Another version of Kimi and Tommy’s potential future together. I love Kimi’s style here. It differs a lot from All Grown Up when she was experimenting with various styles, including a punky period. Here she has a very cool bohemian, artsy mom look. The flowy skirts go well with her attitude and personality. But I’m not sure Tommy is pulling off that mustache.

It’s definitely cute how much the baby looks like Tommy. One would hope Kimi and Tommy would pay closer attention to him than their parents did. They wouldn’t have as many adventures, but they’d be safer.

Artwork by BlackMasqrade.

10 Next Generation Invaders

via fanpop.com

In the early episodes of Invader Zim, we learn that Irkens are born via a giant robot who wakes them and prepares them for serving their planet. A very different image than the one we see in this picture.

I don’t know how Tak managed to take Zim’s mind away from taking over earth long enough to settle down and start a family, but it must have taken something huge. As cute as Zim taking his mind off the invasion for his son is, I really hope this isn’t the basis for the sequel.

9 Lynn The Third

via deviantart.com/sonson-sensei

Although it’s unlikely that all of their eleven children will end up having children, you hope that Rita and Lynn are prepared for a great number of grandchildren to come their way.

I’m sure they had their reasons for having eleven children and they are great parents, but they’ll be a not of knowing glances as their kids try to raise their own offspring.

For now, they are here to cheer on their daughter Lynn with her new baby. Everyone here seems very proud and happy, but that’s probably because the baby isn’t making any noise yet!

Artwork by Sonson-Sensei.

8 Baby Mutant Ninja Turtles

via pinterest.com

While the last April entry just showed a pregnant April spending time with the turtles, this one seems to imply that she was a little closer to one of them than we thought.

I suppose since this is a world were mutants exist and the main characters are turtle-human hybrids, we can’t complain about it.

However this baby was conceived, through natural methods or from ooze, the important thing is that both mother and baby look happy. Green, but happy.

Artwork by SharpBluePencils.

7 Future Genius

via deviantart.com/aangaddict

This artwork depicts Cindy, the love interest and arch-nemesis of boy genius Jimmy Neutron (in the show The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius), as a happy expectant mother.

Since this is Nickelodeon, and if you haven’t met the love of your life by the time you're fourteen you're probably doomed to live your life alone, we can assume that Jimmy Neutron is the father. Even though they did have this cute, bullying-crushes thing going on, I really don’t think their relationship was very healthy. But hey, maybe they grew out of it.

Artwork by AangAddict.

6 Another Carmichael

via deviantart.com/jose-ramiro

Earlier I mentioned that Angelica might not decide to have kids, based on her independence and impatience as a person. But I’m also doubting whether or not Susie would make that decision. True, Susie is compassionate, kind and fun, all the things that make a good mother, but she also grew up in a big household!

After growing up with little space and having to share everything, you’d think she’d prefer to spend her adult years independently.

But, as I said, she would make a great mom. She could teach her kids multiple languages and sing them to sleep!

Artwork by Jose-Ramiro.

5 The Side Family

via deviantart.com/sixteen6stars

I’ve complained a lot about how Nick loves to make its characters end up with people they met as children. While this is sweet, I don’t think it’s realistic.

That’s why I love this fan art. In the As Told By Ginger finale, Marcie is the only one of the three friends to not yet be a mom and isn’t seen with a partner. But this doesn’t mean it didn’t happen; it just wasn’t part of her plan yet. Here she is seen with who I assume is an OC (if I’m wrong, I apologize) and her new baby.

Artwork by sixteen6stars.

4 Hey, Future

via deviantart.com/invisibledeath

This is the last Helga and Arnold entry on this list, and a fun one. I’ve talked about how Helga would mature as an adult and become less intense, but we wouldn’t want to stop being Helga.

Perhaps the “football head” comment has gone from being a childish insult to an affectionate name between the couple.

Trouble is, if they baby does inherit Arnold’s head as fans think they will, Helga might have to pack it in when they come. Otherwise she’ll just make her kid insecure about their head.

Artwork by InvisibleDeath.

3 A Louder House

via deviantart.com/sonson-sensei

I’m sure a few weeks with her new baby and Lynn will be beginning to go back to her loud, busy childhood home.

So many of these artworks portray the beautiful, loving side of having a baby.

And while this is a reality and a sweet one, let’s not forget the trying side of it as well. All those sleepless nights as the baby cries and cries about seemingly nothing. All the mess and discomfort that comes with it. So, get up Clyde! She needs you and she’s not shutting up until you make her.

Artwork by Sonson-Sensei.

2 Little Lil

via galleryroulette.com

Firstly, that Ducky tattoo is absolutely amazing! Secondly, one of the best things about Rugrats was its honest portrayal of life. No matter what the subject, or how strange it was for a kids' show to show that kind of thing, Rugrats did it anyway.

I see Lil as a proud, outspoken mother like Betty was. Independent, fun-loving, and there for her child when she needs her. That is a happy cartoon mother, but more importantly, a real one.

Artwork by Pedro Fequiere

1 A Loud Future

via deviantart.com/speeddemon48

This is how I’d like to see The Loud House end, after a long, long run, of course. Either with the characters aging steadily as the series goes on or with a ten-year time jump at the end.

I think it would really go with the family theme of the show to end with a new generation Loud being born.

With a large network of aunts and an uncle, all with various personalities and interests, this baby is going to have plenty of caretakers and supportive messages to live by. It’s probably easier to raise a baby with ten babysitters to go to.

Artwork by speeddemon48.

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