25 Nicktoons Characters Reimagined As College Students

Nicktoons; we’ve all grown up watching at least one or two of these series. From the snazzy Hey, Arnold! to the iconic Avatar: The Last Airbender, Nicktoons has dished out plenty of shows that left an impression on people. With so many different shows, it only means that there are plenty of fandoms to explore and discover some pretty amazing artwork. From crossover pieces to photos featuring the characters all grown up, these shows have inspired fans to do all sorts of things to these amazing characters.

While those are fun and all, how about taking on something that's surprisingly harder to find in terms of fan art? Yes, we're talking about the characters as college students. Now, here’s the thing about college; it can be really hectic. Whether it be classes that stretch late into the night or having to deal with the stress of both projects and a thesis, there’s a lot to deal with as a college students.

With all of these characters, no matter which series they're from, they’ve all dealt with their own form of chaos. Just imagine them as college students and having to deal with all the stress that comes with it. Either that, or imagine characters like Korra or a Ninja Turtle take on a college look, which is just as good. No matter what you're looking for, we've got you covered. Here are some photos that take on the idea and pretty much nail it.

25 He's At That Age Now

via: nauticalpudding.deviantart.com

There are all kinds of characters to enjoy in The Loud House. While it’d be no problem to imagine the older characters as they pretty much about to enter into college, how about Lincoln? He is, after all, the main lead of the series. NauticalPudding here clearly has a solid idea on how the only male child of the family would look as a young adult ready to set off to college. With those braces and shirt, he's really locking down the whole transition to college look.

24 An Outfit Can Say A Lot

via: dwxj9.tumblr.com

Being a robot character, it’s unclear whether she would have "growing up" robot parts lying around. Now, fan art wise, she’s got more than a few. Having her as college student, though? Well, there are fan imaginings of her in uniform, but those are mainly high school. With college, there’s a specific style to be had, and Dishwasher9 has Jenny rocking it here. It could be considered as a winter look, but really, with the bag, the skirt, and of course, the coffee, there could be some consideration. After all, an outfit can say a lot.

23 He's Looking Like A Firstie Here

via: makalaonlife.tumblr.com

We all know how Timmy would look as an adult, and even had a peek into him as a college student. The series has shown all kinds of possibilities for the character. Makala here shows a possible look at him heading off to college, even if they didn't mean to. The pink sweater and pink hat are expected, but the backpack helps bring out the look. Even the way his face looks here presents him as this young man just starting off college.

22 A Look We All Know

via: hazard-girl.deviantart.com

While it was only recently that Alvin and the Chipmunks joined Nickelodeon, there are still those who remember the original series, like Hazard-Girl here. Though this was meant to be a homage to a portrait of Simon, you have to admit he looks like a total grad student here. From the sweater to his hair, and the fact he was made taller here, Simon has the most stereotypical university look you can think of. The thing is, though, that this character owns the look.

21 He’s Rocking The College Look

via: pinterest.com

While the TMNT brothers wouldn’t have that big of a chance to attend college, it doesn’t mean we can’t imagine how they would look like. For one thing, there are all kinds of props and backgrounds to use since he already has half the look.

All he’s missing is a bookbag, some papers, and he’s set.

Okay, while there’s no confirmation on whether this is meant to be a college look, it can be agreed that this would an appropriate look for the purple turtle, no? Besides, imagine him having study sessions with his brothers.

20 We’ve Entered Another Dimension

via: space-tanuki.tumblr.com

Seriously, that may be the only explanation on why Dib looks as adorable as he does here as a college student. Nothing against Space-Tanuki; as cute as those wide eyes and outfit are, they are not real to the character.

For one thing, Dib ain’t no soft boy.

Say all you will about creative freedom, but we all know that if Dib were in college he would not look this clean. He’d be taking more credits than deemed normal, having coffee as a life source and all the while he’d be dealing with the chaos that is Zim.

19 Someone Got Wild While In College

via: crazylolli.deviantart.com

We all know Chuckie as the worrywart of the group who grew up to having an unexpected draw to impressing the ladies. Imagining him as a college student, you can just see him burying himself in his studies, taking on a part-time job, and slipping in some social time. Crazylolli, however, has a different idea.

College can get crazy for some people, after all.

Really, having him having a double-life as a college student/part-time waiter and street racer? Look at the three styles here; they’re so different but fit the redhead so well. Wild really is the best way to describe this piece.

18 She’s Even More Colorful Now

via: celestedoodles.tumblr.com

Kimi Finster was a newer character of the series but a rather memorable one. As she grew, she become the funky gal of the group, and clearly Celeste wanted to continue with that style with her as an adult. Though it’s not obvious here, she is, in fact, a journalism major that got accepted into film school. Which is something you can easily see happening to her given her background. From the cat shirt to the green highlighted hair, you can really see her artistic flair having grown with her.

17 Someone’s Looking A Little Too Innocent Here

via: chibiforte101.deviantart.com

Those round faces are an amazing style for these characters, but we all know that this group of teens are no way as innocent as they do here. Still, it’s a solid update to their look and it does work as how they would look like starting out in college. It’s the little details that really count here. Honestly though, the way that ChibiForte101 designed them could really fool someone. The way that Sam is smiling here would only spell trouble for others.

16 A Little Support Goes A Long Way

via: promsien.tumblr.com

Dash Baxter was a character that started out as the typical jock bully but became more as the series progressed. While the character doesn’t have a large amount of redeeming qualities, he does have a chance of becoming better with Promsien’s version, at least. With their version, they have Vlad seeing Dash’s talent and helping him towards college by becoming his sponsor. Clearly, a little help did more than good for this jock character. Just look at that smile; he’s clearly grown up and reached his dreams.

15 A True Chill OTP

via: yunyin.tumblr.com

While Marinette and Adrien are the star pairing of the series, these two need way more appreciation. Seriously, these two are a prime best friend OTP. While there wasn’t much shown on the pair, there was clearly an unseen story that happened between the two.

Seriously, they’re the ideal cool and sassy couple.

The way that Audrey has them looking here, they seem like a couple that would find a way to balance the heaviness of college and their relationship. You can just see the two collaborating between their courses and helping each other survive classes.

14 The Tables Have Turned

via: edendaphne.tumblr.com

Okay, while Miraculous Ladybug is technically not launched on Nickelodeon, it is shown there so technically, it can be considered a Nicktoon. Besides, these two are too adorable to not put up here. Now there’s all kinds of ideas on these two’s story.

A switch-up however, is always fun.

Courtesy of Ebon Hawk Autopilot, this is one idea that is a mix of something old and new. Honestly, seeing people’s ideas about them being older and having a different story is always fun. And having Adrien being the one all flustered is adorable; just look at that blush.

13 The Future That Could Have Been

via: nuridurr.tumblr.com

In the original series, Patti was basically known as Doug’s love interest and an ace student with athletic skills. While it was not confirmed in the show, the creator himself had confirmed that he had a sequel storyline lined up where the two were college-aged and no longer a couple. This piece by nuri durr is pretty much the perfect visual for that concept. Having her as someone who’s going through the college transition with a new hairstyle and more focus on sports is rather fitting.

12 A Real Unexpected One

via: nuridurr.tumblr.com

Now, it’s nothing against the character, but did anyone actually think he would go to college? Sure, the guy may have ended up growing up at one point, but the idea of him going to a tech school, of all places? If we’re only looking at his Nickelodeon background and imagining him going to college, he was more likely to end up in an engineering or music course. The way that nuri durr has him sporting that sweater and ponytail while showing his personality with those boots is fitting.

11 As Chill As Ever And Getting A Degree

via: actionhankbeard.deviantart.com

Gerald as a college student would for sure seem like someone who would cruise through his course because he had a passion for it. With his storytelling skills and musical side, you would think he would aim to be a writer or musician. Having him aiming to be a director and turning his urban legends into short films, though, is rather clever on ActionHankBeard’s part. The idea of him of creating either creepy or fantastical films while finishing college is pretty ideal.

10 College Agrees With Them

via: shaami.deviantart.com

We already have a solid idea on how the two would look as adults, and the Hey, Arnold! The Jungle Movie has already confirmed the two as a couple. It only makes sense that they would have a long lasting relationship.

Clearly, college has them mellowing things out.

They look so at ease with each other here, and for any longtime fans of the series, this piece by Shaami will leave them smiling. For sure they would have a comfortable relationship filled with banter.

9 The Downtime We All Need

via: artistunknown2017.deviantart.com

Jimmy Neutron and Cindy Vortex were quite the pair throughout the series. Honestly, it’s pretty much expected that they’d make it as a couple that has a history spanning from high school to college and beyond. This photo by ArtistUnknown2017 here is basically a look into how they’d be in their free time in college. It’s no question that the two would be top students. At the same time, Cindy would for sure spend exhausting hours studying and end up like this half the time. It’s a rather perfect look for them.

8 Feelings: A Real Distraction, Ain’t They?

via: hazard-girl.deviantart.com

It’s one thing to deal with the stress of classes and projects, adding unsure romantic feelings is just asking for trouble. Clearly, Hazard-Girl holds a different ship than what the show presents, and it's rather interesting. You can just imagine Penny going around in circles in her head and trying to rationalize her possible.

Clearly, her feelings got her into a pickle.

There’s no other way that she would have gotten that D unless something got to her head. We can’t blame her though since this is a supposed fictional character we're talking about here people.

7 Like Parent Like Child

via: korra-naga.tumblr.com

As great as the main characters of the series are, let’s give some appreciation to the older characters of the series who are just as great. Now, Tenzin and Lin are not the pair that you would expect to have a romantic past, but looking at this piece by Korra-Naga, you can see the potential ship outside of the show. You can also see how much like their parents they are here, and not just because of their looks. The idea of the calm and collected Tenzin having been flustered by a flirty Lin is glorious.

6 It’s A Fitting Look For Them

via: dilutra.deviantart.com

Of course, if the original Avatar characters look good as college students, it would make sense that the Legend of Korra characters would look just as good. And really, kudos to Dilutra for turning Asami into this chic student while having Korra as a chill athletic gal. The way that Asami looks, she seems the type that would get passionate about classes, while Korra would be the type that would sail by, managing a steady GPA. Honestly, the idea of these two as college students works in so many ways.

5 It's Study, Study, Study

via: andythelemon.deviantart.com

When in college, studying is pretty much a free for all, especially if you have classes that are minutes away from each other. Given Katara’s character, it’s a sure thing that she would want to be a top student. That isn’t the easiest thing, and AndytheLemon pretty much shows it with this photo. Sure, this was meant to be a simple study session between Katara and Toph, but the look in Katara’s eyes is showing a whole lot of exhaustion. Really, it’s either study hours and hours, or get bad grades.

4 When You Settle Into College Life

via: nuridurr.tumblr.com

For most, going to college means learning to live on your own and basically taking the first steps toward becoming an independent adult. With Doug here, he’s clearly got himself set up and, of course, with the expected take-out food. Because, as we all know, when it comes to living the college life, takeout and ramen noodles are pretty much a staple. The fact that nuri durr has Doug with his trusty journal and Porkchop by his side makes this all the more perfect look for the character.

3 Feel The Growing Exhaustion

via: twitter.com

It’s one thing to be a superhero while in high school; can you just imagine the sheer stress levels of having to deal with hero work while in college? Riscost may as well have presented Danny’s three constant states here. Oh sure, there is a chance that he would find a way to balance things with his classes, but the rate of him having a good night’s sleep is pretty low. You can already hear his snark levels rising up because of this.

2 The Different States Of Being A College Student

via: hopahopa.tumblr.com

There’s a solid amount of photos that give the Avatar characters great modern looks. Age them up, stick ‘em in a course that would match them, and Hopahopa’s work may as well become a legit alternate universe. Seriously, the way that they look here seems how they would be as college students. With Zuko just about acing everything, Sokka managing to stay afloat, and Aang trying not to drown in his papers. They pretty much show the different stages you could go through when entering college.

1 This Is Reality Right Here

via: hazard-girl.deviantart.com

We’ve all been through this at one point, no matter the degree. The projects, the late hours of dealing with them... this is especially worse if you take on the leader role in a group project. And let’s not even get started the trouble of having a procrastinating side.

Hazard-Girl’s photo is so real it’s painful. It’s a sure thing that Ruddi would become an art student. And with his personality, he’d definitely spend some late nights. Really, this may as well be a poster image for all kinds of art students.

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