25 Nicktoons Characters Reimagined As Parents

Cartoons have been around for the better part of the past century and despite changing drastically over the years, Nickelodeon has offered some of the most memorable cartoon series of all time. While most people tend to focus on Disney’s animated efforts, Nickelodeon created a brand of cartoon all of its own that would surely pass the test of time. Afterall, Nickelodeon wasn’t just showing cartoons. They were showing Nicktoons.

The Nicktoon brand launched into popularity in the early 90s with such popular hits such as Rugrats and Doug, but the brand would continue its success generations later. Even after the end of popular Nicktoon series, these characters would breathe life into new forms of media such as comics, reboots, or even Broadway shows. The imprint Nicktoons have let will seemingly never be forgotten.

As we age from being children watching these shows, we eventually start to have kids of our own that enjoy these cartoons. And these classic cartoon characters are just like us as they would likely grow older and have kids of their own as well. While it might be hard to imagine such classic characters like Tommy Pickles or SpongeBob SquarePants having their own kids, it’s fun to imagine what they might be like as parents. With that said, here are some of your favorite classic Nicktoon characters all grown up and with little ones of their own. Even if they might not make the best parents.

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25 Handing The Knowledge Down


Aahhh!!! Real Monsters might not be best know for their romantic storylines, so we probably never even considered that Ickis and Oblina would become an item delivering a little monster of their own. But based off Ickis’ son’s color palette, it’s safe to say they ended up as a pair.

It looks like Ickis is still a little bit of a chicken for a monster, however, and his wife might be his biggest fear ever.

What could Ickis have possibly done that he is afraid to tell Oblina?

Art by Weisseedelweiss.

24 They've All Got Turtles Of Their Own


It is kind of hard to imagine each of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all having kids of their own considering it is questionable who they would mate with, but this depiction of each turtle having their own kid is way too adorable. Whether it is Raphael teaching his kid to fend for himself like the tough nut he is or Donatello getting his child up on the latest tech, it looks like the Ninja Turtles would actually be pretty stellar parents, vigilante crime fighting aside.

Art by WinterHeath.

23 Together At Last


Arnold and Helga may have never seemed like a likely couple back when they were children, despite Helga’s borderline obsession with the football head back on Hey Arnold, but this piece of fan art makes it seem like they got past their differences and became a very loving couple. It’s a tender moment between the two that we really didn’t get to see during the show’s run, but once you get past that vindictive wall Helga puts up to keep her more sensitive self at bay, Arnold and Helga actually don’t seem like that bad of a match.

Art by KasuKAPL.

22 Can't Imagine Him As A Parent..


Even though I can’t really see SpongeBob being a particularly good parent, I do think that he would very much be a loving one. We’ve seen SpongeBob as a little one a few times during the show’s run, but it didn’t quite live up to the cuteness of SpongeBob carrying around a little sponge of his own.

Hopefully, the titular sponge has matured a bit over the years, but we can’t hold our breath.

At least we can count on him raising a kid that can carry on the torch for future generations of laughter and crazy antics.

Art by Corossmo.

21 It Was More Than A Junior High Fling


As Told By Ginger's main characters, Ginger and Darren, always seemed like they would become an item at some point or another, even if they may have just been really close friends back in junior high. Still, you can't deny that there was a chemistry between the two.

This may be the best Nicktoon couple we've ever seen.

The two of them having a little munchkin of their own makes us believe that they got the happy ending that they both deserved, even if their companionship seemed far away from their teenage days.

Art by Madt2.

20 New Babies, New Adventures

via: buzzfeed.com

With all the rebooted television shows that have been appearing the past few years, I admittedly would not mind an even more grown up version of Rugrats going into adulthood.

A new generation of Rugrats would probably have a lot of appeal to younger generations.

And since it looks like all the original babies are now having younglings of their own, who knows what kind of crazy antics these kids could get themselves into in the 21st century. The attention to detail is great and these kids look like they could totally be the original crew’s offspring.

Art by Emeline729.

19 Might Be Time For A Diaper Change


Ren and Stimpy have always been known for their rather crude humor and this depiction of Stimpy as a father of a babylike version of Ren is no exception. Stimpy probably isn’t the most capable father, however. It looks like baby Ren has been in need of a diaper change for quite a few days. The real question is whether this is actually Ren’s child or Ren got stuck in one of Stimpy’s crazy inventions. I’m sure that Ren would probably hope for the former.

Art by Gfxbin.

18 Little Phantoms Of His Own


Danny and Sam's relationship might have been in the works for quite some time over Danny Phantom's run, but it wasn't until the end that the two really became an item. Even though most people don't end up with their childhood loves, we're still happy that these two worked out, despite their constant bickering. It looks like Danny's children carried over less human attributes like his father, becoming phantoms themselves. Are these two youngsters the newest generation of otherworldly superheroes? We'll give them a few years to mature to find out.

Art by Mystral-Shada.

17 She's Got Her Mother's Attitude


The Internet certainly has a thing for strange couple pairings and The Fairly OddParents is no exception. Despite the somewhat uncomfortable age gap between Timmy and Vicky in their younger years, people seem to want these two together.

It even looks like their kids inherited their parents’ personalities.

While the two youngest of the three seem to have adopted the fun loving spirit of Timmy, their oldest daughter seems to have kept Vicky’s cynicism and anger alive. At least she doesn’t seem to hate Timmy as much as a younger Vicky did!

Art by Garabatoz.

16 Getting Ready For Bed Time


Invader Zim does not seem like a character that would be really likely to have kids of his own (and it doesn't look like he got much taller in his transition to adulthood!) but this depiction of him with a kid of his own is still kind of adorable. Even if Zim does feel somewhat uncomfortable about the whole situation. At least his child seems pretty happy at such a young age and much less angsty than Zim himself. If Zim can't make the cut as a father, at least we have Gir to help keep his parenting skills on track.

Art by Metros2Soul.

15 Keeping The Football Head Alive


We already took a look at the two unlikely lovebirds from Hey Arnold! earlier on in this list, but we didn’t actually get to see what the pair’s offspring might look like.

It looks like Arnold’s genetics carried over to the little one.

Arnold’s iconic football head made its way to his son and while I can’t help but think he would not be the easiest baby to deliver, this sweet moment of Arnold’s complete family makes us happy that the two finally matched.

Art by JebbiePinka.

14 The Original Single Father


Splinter is probably one of the most iconic "single father" in animation history, going way back before the four turtles even debuted as a Nicktoon. Splinter's parenting skills might have always been questionable.

He does teach kids lethal skills, after all.

Still, there is no doubt that Splinter is a loving father for the ninja turtles and it was his teachings and tutelage that made the heroes that they are today. We still wouldn't mind seeing Splinter having little rat offspring of his own, however!

Art by LeCetace.

13 More Funny Business


Doug Funnie and Patti Mayonnaise were probably the original Nicktoon couple going all the way back to the early 90s, even if the two weren't officially together during the show's run.

Still, we always knew that Doug would win over his crush in the end.

It looks like the two finally became a match and Patti returned Doug's affection, leading to a little Doug Jr. of their own. Doug Jr. is even carrying over the same sneaker style his father used to wear, though it looks like he wasn't going for the iconic green sweater.

Art by Ccaccus.

12 Turns Out They Had A Kid Of Their Own


Wanda and Cosmo are probably best known for being the titular "OddParents" of Timmy Turner, but despite helping out Timmy over the show's course, there is still no reason as to why they can't have a little one of their own.

Besides, future generations of children need OddParents as well!

It looks like they are quite the loving family as well, so we couldn't be more stoked that these two had their own kid. After all the time they've spent solving Timmy's problems, they can finally focus on their own family.

Art by Elixirmy.

11 Well, This Is A Twist...


Alright, this definitely takes the cake for an unlikely couple having a child. We're not so much in shock over the fact that SpongeBob and Squidward ended up being gay after all this time. I mean, is it really that much of a stretch? But the fact that Squidward would actually fall for the yellow sponge and settle down with him is a bit farfetched considering the years that Squidward spent despising the fun loving sponge. Regardless, the two certainly look happy together, and even if Squidward can't stand SpongeBob, they do look like a happy couple.

10 Just Like Rabbits


The Rabbids are probably more memorable from their Rayman video game series spinoff than they are their actual Nicktoon show that was based off of the video game, but they are still obnoxiously funny regardless.

And even though we would prefer these creatures not procreating, we know that Rabbids are probably one of the more lustful creatures.

It only makes sense that these creatures are having offspring by the dozen. It's too bad for mankind. As funny as they are, these things are still constantly annoying.

Art by Ra1nb0wK1tty.

9 This Raises A Lot Of Questions


Um, what? The idea of CatDog already raises plenty of ridiculous questions that the show fails to explain, but it's even more alarming that these two figured out a way to procreate, further lengthening this weird species lifespan even further. It's already confusing enough about how everything works as far as their anatomy is concerned, but even if these two were separate animals, they still would not seem likely to have a baby together. Of course, true fans will notice that this might actually be CatDog themselves, but it's still a question worth wondering: just what would these two look like as parents.

Art by Natarisaru.

8 Reunited With His Lost Son


Some might remember the Christmas special of Ren and Stimpy called "Son of Stimpy" where Stimpy actually has a son of his own. Well, sort of. He actually only lets out a foul fart with a mind of its own that he later names Stinky.

But due to Stinky being a living being, we can't deny Stimpy his parenthood.

It was a strangely sweet Christmas tale, albeit a bit ridiculous and gross. Really, only Ren and Stimpy could turn a Christmas special into something as grotesque as this. It's not quite The Nutcracker, but it will do.

Art by Labrenzink.

7 Ginger's Not The Only One Having Kids


We may have already taken a look at Ginger and Darren from As Told By Ginger, but that doesn't mean that Ginger and Darren are the only ones having kids of their own. It looks like Marcie found true love as well in adulthood and produced a little girl of her own. It looks like Marcie finally escaped that awkward phase of junior high and blossomed quite nicely into motherhood. Marcie was quite the sweetheart, so we can only hope that her daughter grows up to become a well adjusted individual just like her mother!

Art by Sixteen6Stars.

6 Can She Even Have Kids?


Jenny's life as a teenage robot was pretty much as far from normal as you can get, and being a robot as a teenager makes dating pretty much impossible. Still, it looks like Jenny actually made things worthwhile with her school buddy Brad.

I'm not sure how this actually works, but we're happy it worked out.

But who knows? Maybe the two didn't end up together and this is just Jenny helping to take care of Brad's human child. But it's more fun to think they had an offspring of their own.

Art by Nintendomaximus.

5 Turns Out He Was Quite The Family Man


I kind of picture Raphael being the least likely to have a kid of his own, but it seems that underneath that thick shell of his, there is a much softer version of him hiding. Even one that would clearly allow him to become a family man. It's sweet to imagine turning his life of crime fighting behind to raise a family, especially since it seems so different than the Raphael we are used to. But hey, we all knew he was a big marshmallow deep down.

Art by Prefight-Donut.

4 Generations Later


Alright, last Arnold and Helga pairing, I swear! But how could you not love this journey through their lives all the way to them having grandchildren? It looks like Arnold's grandson has been dealing with some bullying of his own from a female schoolyard bully, but Arnold knows pretty well how these things tend to turn out. His grandson might not believe it now, but that schoolyard bully might just end up to be the person that he spends the rest of his life with. Love happens in unlikely places and Arnold and Helga's relationship proves that!

Art by KasuKAPL.

3 Hopefully He Isn't An Odd Parent


Timmy Turner has had a few questionable love interests over the years, and while many like to believe he ended up with his vindictive babysitter Vicky, this shows him raising a family with Tootie instead.

It definitely seems more likely than him ending up with Vicky, anyway.

It seems like Timmy is quite the family man as well and also a very loving father. He might need to pay a little more attention to his daughter, however, or maybe Tootie could help pick up the slack. Timmy can't give everyone piggy back rides!

Art by Aptenody.

2 Who Saw Them Having Kids Of Their Own?


We already took a look a look at SpongeBob if he were to have a little baby sponge of his own. But what if SpongeBob were to have a child with everyone’s favorite undersea critter, Sandy Squirrel?

I don’t even want to think how these two could possibly copulate.

Despite life finding a way, I love seeing Sponge Kenny SquarePants adopting both traits from his sponge father and his squirrel mother. Another unlikely relationship, another strange set of children. Though Sunny might want a helmet of her own under the water.

Art by RaggyRabbit94.

1 Rugrats Of Their Own


We have already taken a look at the Rugrats as a group, but that does not mean we shouldn’t examine further everyone’s favorite adventure loving, diaper-wearing baby.

It looks like Tommy Pickles has officially evolved into “Daddy” status and has a little one of his own.

I might not be digging Tommy’s new mustache, but it looks like he’s got himself a beautiful wife and a new baby boy to carry on his legacy. He looks quite a bit like his father as well. Minus the diaper, of course.

Art by DangerMask.

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