NieR: Automata Producer Hints At More Games To Come In That Universe

The producers of NieR: Automata hinted that there may be more NieR games during their talk at PAX East.

Last weekend was PAX East, where every nerd on the east coast gathers to celebrate their nerd-dom and get a sneak peek at what new nerdiness might be forthcoming. Actors, producers, and game celebs of all kinds flock to PAX to bask in the glow of their adoring fans and drop a few hints on what’s to come.

One of those game celeb teams are the makers of NieR: Automata, comprised of director Yoko Taro, producer Yosuke Saito, and composer Keeichi Okabe. At a panel, the trio spoke through an interpreter about their experience creating the game, NieR’s soundtrack, and Taro’s weird helmet snacks.

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They also talked about the possibility of a future NieR game, to which Saito had this comment: “I do think that we might be able to actually open another door in the NieR universe. I don’t know how long it might take but I do want you to look forward to that.”


In case you didn’t follow up on the history NieR: Automata, NieR is actually a whole series that stretches all the way back to the Drakengard franchise on PlayStation 2. Each game is actually set within the same universe, with an incredibly complicated history and backstory that stretches millennia. NieR: Automata was actually at the end of that history, long after the apex of humanity.

As for a sequel to the 2017 hit, Taro said that he didn’t think he wanted to go back to the Automata unless it was turned into a fighting game where all the main characters were actually bugs--sort of Pokemon-esque. He would consider the possibility of a rail shooter though, which players of Automata might remember fondly (or not, depending on how much you like rail shooters).

But Taro did have many words of appreciation for his many fans. “I think the NieR series as a whole is a very weird and niche. The game is ours until we release the game. From thereon it lives and is supported and nurtured by the support of the fans. Because this game is a weird and niche title that everyone who loves this game are weirdos and I’m very thankful for all the weirdos out there in the world.”

You can check out the whole panel discussion in the video here.


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