NieR: Automata Director's Mobile Game Hit With Worldwide Release Delay

SINoALICE, a mobile game developed by NieR: Automata's director, won't be out for its July 18 release. Instead, fans will have to wait a bit longer.

SINoALICE has undergone localization and was supposed to be released worldwide on July 18, but Nexon has announced that it has been delayed due to issues related to that localization.

After immense success with NieR: Automata, game director Yoko Taro of Drakengard fame decided to try his hand at creating a mobile game for both iOS and Android, and thus SINoALICE was born.

SINoALICE is a fairytale-themed action-adventure mobile game that allows players to take control of iconic characters such as Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, and Alice as they attempt to defeat various enemies and puzzles in dangerous lands. The game was first released inside Japan on June 6, 2017, with additional releases in both Taiwan and Hong Kong coming almost a year later. After a rise in popularity and demand for the game worldwide, Square Enix decided to go about localizing the game for a worldwide release. Now, Nexon, which was tasked with handling the international release, has indicated that it won't be ready by the July 18 deadline.

Game delays are nothing new and this is especially true when it comes to Japan and the process of localization. With the increase in technology and the ability for teams to communicate easily across the world, these sorts of issues are sure to be a thing of the past sooner or later. The fact that Nexon admits that it's running into issues and doesn't feel the product is ready is also a good sign, as it shows that it is committed to providing consumers with a world-class game.

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According to Anime News Network, Nexon stated that the game will be delayed in order for the company to properly "optimize the localization" of it. Additionally, the company didn't indicate at which time it expected the game's localization to be completed. Instead, it followed this up by saying that it would be delayed indefinitely until further notice. Furthermore, the company clarified its position by saying that the game localization was "nowhere near perfect."

While this news can certainly be frustrating for fans of the game, the fact that Nexon is committed to quality is a very good thing. Furthermore, not placing a date on the release after clarification is also good since it allows the company to make the necessary changes without any added pressure.

Too often we see companies push out unfinished products because they are looking to quickly recoup the money they have invested, which often leads to resentment and frustration from fans. If SINoALICE is successful worldwide like many expect it to be, this might force other companies to abandon their "publish at all costs" policies and go back to creating quality products first.

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