NieR: Automata Reaches Over Four Million Copies Sold

One of the best games to come out in 2017, NieR: Automata, has done something few titles have been able to do: sell 4 million copies since its release.

From the moment it was announced, NieR: Automata had many within the gaming community excited about its potential. It wasn't an easy feat for developer PlatinumGames to undertake, given that they hadn't worked on a project like it before and on top of that, would have to design it in an open world environment. With all the hurdles and struggles that the developers had to go through in creating the game, it's nice to see that the community supported their efforts by purchasing the game over 4 million times.

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This news only further proves that pretty much anything that Square Enix touches turns to gold. They've had their fair share of disappointments over the years, but it is rather rare to hear of any immense failures from the company, especially as it relates to JRPG's. The fact that they were able to work with a company who had no prior experience says a lot about their dedication to their craft and their commitment to the consumer. Sure, it took almost two years, but it was already at 3 million units sold as of June of last year.

According to GameInformer, the total sales number not only includes hard copies of the game, but also digital copies sold on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Given that the game had reached 3.5 million copies sold as of December 2018, this news seems to indicate that there is still a strong interest for the game. While Square Enix hasn't announced plans for another installment of the series, it's hard to fathom a world in which they won't.

Fans and critics the world over welcomed NieR: Automata with open arms, and continued sales seem to indicate that the fanfare is far from over. While the game wasn't perfect in every instance, the continued support shown by the community means that Square Enix will be safe to release another title in the series at any point. They won't have to overcome uncertainty, and can instead bank on the fact that those same dedicated fans will come out in droves to purchase the next one.

Through all of this newfound success, it is puzzling that a company like Square Enix has been so tight-lipped about their future plans for the series. While it's true that many still support it, if the company doesn't do something soon, that support could die out before the next title ever makes it to store shelves.

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