Night in the Woods: 10 Achievements for Your Next Playthrough

Indie games can be hit or miss, but when it comes to Night in the Woods it’s truly an out-of-this-world, phenomenal game. Not only is the storyline addictive and full of surprises, the game world of Possum Springs holds many secrets that you might not have found on your first playthrough. You can even make different choices to impact the ending of the game. This is what makes this game so fun to play again and again. There are so many achievements that you can get in this game and a lot of them are really easy to miss. Get ready to do some crimes and follow this list for 10 achievements you can get on your next playthrough.

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10 The Band Practice Achievements

One of the best parts of gameplay is where you play the bass as Mae. You might have noticed that the characters respond to how well she played in different ways and this is where the ability for achievement can be found. There are two different ones, depending on the levels of playing quality: “Bass Ackwards” and “Maestro”. For Maestro, you just need to play all three songs okay enough and you can get this achievement. For Bass Ackwards? Just suck and play horribly. The more you mess up, the better. Just be sure to remember that if you play any of these in Mae’s room, it can ruin your chances for these achievements so it’s best to avoid doing so.

9 Hold Onto Anything

This achievement is very easy to get and very straightforward. All you have to do is just play and beat the game a second time. That’s literally it. It’s a nice achievement that can be obtained after you’ve finished hunting for the other achievements in your next gameplay. Though, it’s important to note that some have run into an issue where you may only get this achievement by hanging out with only Gregg or only Bea. Still, it requires no extra effort to get this achievement so it’s worth noting.

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8 Mae the Rat Mother

When the power lines are fixed, you can jump up onto different parts of the buildings in town. That in itself is fun, but it’s what you can discover that makes it even better. There’s an open window that you can climb into and once in, you’ll find the remains of an abandoned parade float and inside it there will be hungry baby rats. Obtain a pretzel from the subway and feed them to get the first achievement “Mother of Vermin”. To get the next, “Miracle Rats”, continue to feed them over a few days and you’ll eventually hear about Possum Springs’ major rat infestation that you so proudly helped to start.

7 Crusty

The achievement is named just that – Crusty. Given the nature of the game, this achievement could be anything but it really pertains to all the times pizza is eaten throughout the story. You control Mae’s ability to choose what slices she wants, but to get this achievement you don’t want to go for the actual pizza. Oh, no, you want something less saucy and cheesy. Grab the crusts that your friends leave behind and eat those instead. It will award you with this achievement.

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6 The Safe of Teeth

To get the achievement called “The Tooth”, there are a few things you’ll need to do. First, you’ll want to try and access the basement. You’ll find it blocked off with boxes and Mae makes a comment about asking dad to move them. Talk with dad every night and then proceed to watch TV with him after. At the same time, you’ll want to keep checking the bookcase every day until you get a dialogue with numbers. Use those numbers to unlock a safe you’ll find in the basement (after the boxes are moved) and then research the tooth at the library. Eventually, when you talk to your dad again, you’ll give him the tooth and voila! You’ll have the achievement.

5 Jenny’s Field

One of the best parts of this game is the emotional relationships Mae has with everyone she knows and her mother is no different. To get the “Jenny’s Field” achievement, you’ll want to go and see your mom at church every day once it’s available to visit. One of the days you go, mom will suggest getting out of there. You’ll want to accept and then proceed with the cut scene to follow. After that, you’ll be rewarded with the achievement.

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4 He’s From Somewhere

This is an achievement specific to Germ. One thing many don’t realize is that you can actually hang out with him three times in the game, right before you go to hang out with Bea or Gregg. Once you’ve completed this and you reach the part of the story where you’re all hanging out together at Gregg and Angus’ apartment, he’ll start talking with you right before he leaves. The achievement will automatically unlock after this finishes.

3 You Killed That Poor Roach

Another easy-to-miss achievement is when you find the arm at the very beginning of the game. When you start poking the arm with the stick, you’ll see a roach running around the screen. You can actually keep poking at the roach instead of the arm and if you’re fast enough, you can kill it. This will give you the achievement. However, it’s kind of hard to do. The roach is ridiculously fast and it’s also timed, so you might not be able to smash it before the minigame ends.

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2 Horrorshow

This achievement is another where you go and hang out with a different character than your friends. It’s very easily missed because it involves a lot of jumping and climbing on the buildings, similar to the rat achievements. On top of one of the roofs, you’ll find Lori and you can sit and talk with her when she’s there. Eventually, you’ll choose to hang out at the railroad and after your last hangout session, you’ll get this achievement.

1 Deep Hollow Hollerers

Music is a major part of this game and the more you go through the story, the more you learn about why. This achievement is something that many don’t know about because it is incredibly easy to miss. There are two musicians in Possum Springs and you need to find them both to start working toward this achievement. One is on the roof shortly after Harfest and the other is on the secret stage. Always talk to the violinist first and then on the third day, go to the secret stage to see them together. This will give you the achievement.

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