Nightblue3 Gets 'Riot Friend' To Ban League Of Legends Player, Sparks Outrage

Rabia "Nightblue3" Yazbek appeared to use a direct connection at Riot Games in order to temporarily ban a League of Legends teammate he accused of trolling.

"Hey Teemo," Nightblue3 typed in chat to Nubrac, a fellow streamer and frequent off-meta master tier player. "U want 2 week vacation, bish. I'll call my riot friend right now."

In a video showing both sides of Nightblue3 and Nubrac's respective streams of a game, Nighblue3 and Nubrac began clashing over Nubrac's Teemo support play. Nighblue3 began investigating Nubrac's account to find a recent match history showing a recent positive win rate as a support player, specifically with Teemo, a champion not known for strong play in the role.

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As the game began, however, Nightblue3 realized Nubrac's intent to support the mid lane champion rather than the ADC, as is typically the meta. Despite helping the mid laner get first blood, Nightblue3 continued to throw taunts Nubrac's way, suggesting a ban was forthcoming.

"Nubrac. Say bye bye to your account :)," he typed only five minutes into the match while his team had a 1-0 kill advantage.

Despite apparent recent success with the off-meta experimentation, Nightblue3 and Nubrac's team quickly snowballed into a deficit. Before the conclusion of the game, Nightblue3 began typing out what appeared to be a report summary off-screen.

"Teemo support decided to sit mid all game long. . . griefing high elo games on stream without any worry of potential consequences," Nightbule3 read aloud.

"My asshole is more important than you, Nubrac, on Twitch," Nighblue3 suggested after losing the game. "They would ban you before they would ban my asshole."

"If people want to dodge, that's fine," Nubrac contested. "I'm here to try to win games. I play the game to win games. I come up with new strategies, that's what I do. I push limits of games."

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Popular streamers in any game are likely to face a higher frequency of fellow players trolling or trying to ruin their game due to the presence of a large viewing audience and ironic gaming humor. Developers face a conundrum when dealing with popular streamers who might broadcast an experience of the game that is abnormal due to their popularity and presence. In Nightblue3's case, it appears as though Riot may trust popular streamers with helping to police the community, so long as they don't abuse their power.

The presence of off-meta play in competitive, high elo league games is also a contentious topic of its own. Typically, a meta forms as a mold to give teams the highest chance of winning a game. When a player deviates significantly from the mold, the outcome is likely to be one of two extremes: guerrilla warfare-like success, or complete failure. Opponents to Nubrac and other off-meta players' style contend that both outcomes ruin the spirit and enjoyment of the game.

The video's conclusion shows Nubrac receiving a 14-day suspension. The first evidence provided in the ban message links to a match summary report of Nightblue3 and Nubrac's game, leading Nubrac to believe that Nighblue3's promise of a ban was not unfounded.

Nubrac goes on to show a correspondence with a Riot employee in which the employee contends "as long as you are legitimately trying to win, we won't ban you for playing something completely out of left field."

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