Ninja's Team Wins First Apex Legends Tournament But Dizzy Was The Real Star

Last night heralded the first Apex Legends tournament, which was won in North America by Team Kings Canyon, comprising Ninja, Dizzy, and King Richard.

Last night heralded the first Apex Legends tournament, which was won in North America by Team Kings Canyon, comprising Ninja, Dizzy, and King Richard, and in the EU by Team MANE, comprising Gotaga, Micalow, and Robi.

The tournament itself was unusual because currently there is no custom game mode available for Apex Legends. This meant that things were done a little differently than usual.

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Instead of being pitted against each other, each team of three players was matched up against regular teams in regular matches, over a period of four hours. The winners were then determined by a points system, with one point awarded for each kill and five points for a win.

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The battle was very close with Ninja’s King’s Canyon team amassing 420 points for their tally of 355 kills and 13 wins. They just edged the lead over second-place team, Reids Money, comprising chocotaco, vsnz, and huskers, who had 369 kills and 10 wins for a total of 419 points.

Further down the scoreboard in third place with 394 points were Shroud, Skadoodle, and Just9n (The Broys). Fourth place went to Lyrik, shortyyguy, and Seagull (Team Pepega) with a score of 368, and fifth place to DrDisRespect, TSM_Viss, and RealKraftyy (VissRespect The Kraft) with 351 points.

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That fifth place result came after DrDisrespect talked a big game about his own skill at Apex Legends.

Over in the EU the battle was won by Team MANE, who had a tally of 339 kills and 12 wins, adding up to 399 points. Second place went to Forsen, Kowa and orb (Team Nordics) with 362 points, while third was taken by Welovegames, i1ame_ru and makataO (POG Team) who scored 305.

While there’s no doubt Ninja is the most well-known player in the line-up, it was actually his teammate Dizzy who stole the show.

Dominating as Wraith, Coby “dizzy” Meadows, best known as a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro, held the highest number of kills for most of the tournament. Newly signed to NRG, Dizzy formerly played CS: GO for both Mythic and Selfless Gaming before moving over to Apex Legends.

Already a record breaker, he recently set a solo kill world record when he dealt 5,376 damage and amassed 33 solo kills in one single 18-minute round of Apex. That's over half the battlefield of 60 eliminated by one person.

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With the first tournament over, another is already being planned and is scheduled for February 19.

For those interested, the full standings for the first tournament can be viewed here and VODS of the gameplay can be found on the Twitch Rivals channel.

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