Ninja Apologizes To Player He Accused Of Stream Sniping After Claiming He Would 'Get This Guy Banned'

Ninja has apologized for claiming he would get a player who he thought was stream sniping him banned.

Ninja has apologized for claiming he would get a player who he thought was stream sniping him banned.

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Remember when our parents would tell us that we were wasting our lives playing video games growing up? Well, most of us ignored what they were saying and we still play them to this day. However, an elite few can now rub those words in their parents' faces. We are of course talking about gamers and streamers who actually get paid to play video games.

The world of esports has quickly become an extremely popular one and an arena where you can win and earn an awful lot of money. Take Fortnite's Winter Royale, for example. The latest in many Fortnite tournaments begins on November 30, 2018, and will feature 200 players, all of whom have already qualified. The prize pool for the Winter Royale? A staggering $1 million.



One of the most famous Fortnite streamers out there right now, who we're assuming has qualified for the Winter Royale, is Ninja. As you can see from the video below, Ninja doesn't like to lose. After being eliminated on Fortnite, the streamer accused his opponent of stream sniping. The act is exactly what it sounds like: someone watches a player's stream and therefore knows exactly where they are located.

The accused player, IcyFive reacted to the accusation with a video of his own. Due to the sway Ninja has with Epic, Fortnite's developers, IcyFive was worried the threats being made that he might get banned would come to fruition. Ninja has now apologized for what he said and has reassured IcyFive that he will not be getting banned. However, as apologies go, it's not exactly the most heartfelt one we have ever seen.

The reason this whole situation came about simply hinges on a coincidence and a misunderstanding. After eliminating Ninja, the popular streamer's teammate Dr. Lupo said to "watch for the emote." At that exact moment, IcyFive performed an emote, making it seem as if he could hear what was being said on Ninja's stream. What actually happened was IcyFive celebrated his elimination as he noticed six people were watching him. Here's hoping it's all water under the bridge now.


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