In First Mixer Stream, Ninja And Bugha Eliminated From Friday Night Fortnite In Semifinals

Streamers Ninja and Bugha teamed up to compete in the weekly Friday Night Fortnite challenge during Ninja's inaugural stream on Mixer today.

Streamers Ninja and Bugha teamed up to compete in the weekly Friday Night Fortnite challenge during Ninja's inaugural stream on Mixer today, but were unfortunately eliminated during the semi-finals.

Ninja, who is streaming live from Chicago music festival Lollapalooza this week, teamed up with Bugha, recent winner of the Fortnite World Cup $3 million grand prize, for his first ever Mixer stream. It was announced just yesterday that Ninja would be leaving Twitch to stream exclusively on Mixer, and the combination of Ninja, Lollapalooza, Bugha, and Friday Night Fortnite was a recipe for hype and huge numbers on the fledgling streaming service.

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Friday Night Fortnite is a weekly online 2v2 Fornite tournament with an interesting format. Teams group up into squads of 4 and compete in a best of 2 for most kills, winners advancing to the next round. Opponents are restricted from interfering with each other in any way such as boogie bombing or building in front of them.

While Ninja is the most famous Fortnite player, Bugha is currently the best, having won the massive Fortnite World Cup at just 16 years old last weekend. Ninja has been incredibly supportive of Bugha as he takes his first steps into the lime light, and encouraged him as he has become the fastest growing Twitch streamer over night.

Though they were eliminated in the semi-finals, the pair put on a good show. Their eliminators, Nate Hill and Funk of Faze Clan, were up by 6 kills going into the second game. Despite gaining a combined 18 kills and winning the next game, Ninja and Bugha were unable to catch up and were eliminated from the tournament.

Ninja drew massive numbers during his maiden voyage on Mixer. The first half of his stream pulled in 60,000-80,000 viewers and he maintained around 50,000 during the tournament. While nowhere near the numbers peak-Ninja was getting, this is both more than his year to date average and insanely higher than the average viewership on Mixer. Microsoft is definitely getting what they paid for with Ninja so far, but the real challenge will be if his audience sticks with him long term or slowly floats back over to Twitch where it's safe and warm.

Ninja will be streaming Fortnite on Mixer from 9:30am-6:00pm the rest of the week. On his first day on Mixer Ninja's stream was watched by 2,349,435 people.

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