Ninja Calls YouTube Out For Demonetizing His Video, YouTube Is Quick To Placate Him

It's a day that ends in "Y" so it must be time for more Ninja drama. The latest exploit of the internet's favorite Twitch star/punching bag involves YouTube's infamous demonetization practices. It seems Mr. Blevins had a video flagged for inappropriate content despite not containing any rule-breaking footage. That in and of itself might not seem newsworthy, but the real story is how YouTube responded... by actually responding.

The incident began, as many do, with a tweet. Ninja announced to the world that YouTube apparently flagged one of his Fortnite videos for blood and gore. Along with the flag came demonetization, he claimed.

Anyone who's ever played Fortnite or even seen five seconds of gameplay should know the claim makes no sense. Fortnite is not a hyper-violent game. There is no blood to trigger YouTube's censors. So Ninja's incredulity does make sense here.

Fortunately for Ninja, he's famous. So it didn't take long for him to get a personal response from YouTube's head of gaming, Ryan Wyatt.

Not just that, Wyatt even gave a follow-up tweet to assure the star that he was never actually demonetized. He also tagged gaming site Dexerto, who ran a piece on the supposed demonetization, as if to tell them their story was wrong.

But really it just looks like he's going the extra mile to ensure Ninja gets good customer service. After all, YouTube needs to ensure its creators know the platform has their back.

Except it doesn't. There are plenty of accounts from smaller creators where it takes days, even weeks, for YouTube to respond to false claims on their videos. All the while they remain demonetized, losing their only source of income over a clerical error while YouTube seems to be too busy to respond.

Some people pointed this very fact out in the replies to Ninja's tweet.

So what's the answer to this? There clearly aren't enough employees in the world to deal with all of YouTube's videos personally. Automated algorithms aren't the answer either, as the Pokémon GO CP fiasco shows.

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It's easy, according to a reply to the above tweet. Work hard and become famous.

In some weird way, it's nice to see the two commenters come to a peaceful resolution. It's not often you get that kind of wholesome exchange on Twitter. So maybe the answer really is to just accept that Ninja gets special treatment because he earned it, and give the poor rich famous guy who plays video games for a living a much-deserved break.

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