Ninja Thinks Content Creators Should Get Special Treatment

FaZe Jarvis is a 17-year-old professional Fortnite gamer, YouTuber and member of FaZe Clan. At least he was, until he made the decision to use aimbot software in a video and landed himself a lifetime Fortnite ban, handed down by Epic Games.

Since then the gaming community has been discussing the situation, with Ninja giving his opinion that the ban is unfair as content creators should be treated differently, due to their reliance on gaming for an income.

The rant, which has been clipped from Ninja's stream, shows him starting off strong with some solid arguments before things take a turn.

He opens by saying that Jarvis is a "stupid kid, making a stupid mistake," something which many people can identify with. This is followed up by the argument that the aimbot was used in casual play, not a competition or paid tournament. While Ninja does think Jarvis should face some consequences, he feels a much shorter ban would be perfectly fine.

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So far, so reasonable. The problem comes when the conversation continues. Ninja is playing with Reverse2k, DrLupo, and clkzy and it seems that they do not share his opinion. The point is raised that if it was an unknown person cheating many would be calling for such a strict ban, so why should Jarvis be excused because he's known?

The others also make the point that showing people how cheats work and "how much fun they are" could be considered even worse due to the impacts of influence. It's also mentioned that as a professional gamer he should know full well that hacks are banned and will get him in trouble. At this stage, Ninja switches tactics and begins to discuss how important he feels content creators are.

Quickly the conversation descends into a discussion about favoritism, with Ninja discussing Logan Paul as a prime example of it in action. It's here that his words get more unclear as he talks about how banning a "kid who is just a piece of s**t" is very different from someone who has "millions of subscribers." He believes that "it should be handled a little bit differently" as if a none known person is banned "nothing happens."

As Ninja gets angrier it comes across that he feels special treatment should be given to those who rely on gaming income, despite the fact that these are the very people who many feel should know better and be setting an example to others.

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