Ninja Is Taking Full Advantage Of Dr Disrespect's Ban

Ninja seems to be having some fun at Dr Disrespect's recent misfortune. The only Twitch streamer with a 37" vertical leap got into some hot water with Twitch on Tuesday during his first ever IRL stream at E3 in Los Angeles.  Dr Disrespect had a camera crew follow him around the convention everywhere he went.  Everywhere including, regrettably, the public restroom.  At the end of his stream his channel was removed from Twitch.  At the time of writing it is unknown if or when his channel will come back.

Rival Twitch streamer Ninja, never one to miss an opportunity, took to social media right away to poke some fun at two time consecutive Blockbuster video game champ.  Ninja posted his own bathroom picture on Twitter to mirror the now infamous shot of Dr Disrespect.

The goading didn't stop there.  Fellow streamer Tfue tweeted a picture of himself in Dr Disrespect cosplay with the caption "Free @drdisrespect" to which Ninja responded a picture of his Dr Disrespect parody "Mr Respectful" with the caption "Mr Respectful would have never slipped up this hard."

This is the first time Dr Disrespect has received a suspension on his channel.  Twitter states in their help center that most violations result in a temporary suspension between one and 30 days.  Dr Disrespect has not made on statement on his Twitter account about the ban but most expect him to be back on Twitch sooner rather than later.

Ninja should probably be careful when throwing stones as his track record isn't exactly flawless.  Back in 2016 Ninja received a 48 hour ban for doxxing a viewer that gave him a donation attached to a racist message.  Because the message appeared on his stream it was a situation that could have got Ninja in a lot of trouble, which is apparently why he felt justified in releasing the viewers personal information to the public.  At the time he acknowledged that he was in the wrong and deserved the slap on the wrist.  As far as Dr Disrespect goes, Ninja seems to agree with Twitch pulling the plug on his channel, at least for now.

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