Ninja Thinks Fortnite Needs To Have Apex Legends' Revive System

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Ninja has spoken. Apex Legends may be the new kid on the block, but according to the biggest Fortnite player out there, it’s doing one thing better than his beloved battle royale does: the revive system.

Apex Legends is one of those gaming phenomena that you just don’t see coming. Like Flappy Bird or the illustrious Angry Birds (yes, Angry Birds is still a thing), it seemed to just pop up out of nowhere one day. Ever since it did, it’s hooked just about the entire planet, including one 65-year-old gamer and streamer, who hopped on board just last week to show the youngsters a thing or two about pwning.

Respawn’s all-conquering battle royale is the hit of the moment, there’s no doubt about that. After all, it takes quite a game to come along and sweep Fortnite’s Most Popular Video Game Of Absolutely Everything Everywhere award away. The competition between the two titles is really heating up (Fortnite recently reclaimed its top spot on Twitch, which Apex Legends had usurped, only to promptly lose it again), but can’t we all just get along? Can’t the two games co-exist peacefully? Maybe even learn something from each other?

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Well, of course, they can’t. This is the super-cutthroat gaming industry we’re talking about. Remember the whole Sonic versus Mario battles of the nineties? How about all the Xbox versus PlayStation stuff that’s still going on right now? It’s a shame, though, because the two titles sure could learn a lot from each other. As Ninja himself has stated, Apex Legends boasts one excellent feature that Fortnite should probably get in on.

In Apex Legends, players can revive their teammates who have been eliminated. To do this, they simply take their fallen friend’s "body beacon" to one of the respawn points dotted around the map. In Fortnite, meanwhile, you can rescue a downed ally, but if they’re eliminated, they’re gone (and have to sit out the rest of the round). In Ninja’s view, Epic have missed a trick here:

"You have that amazing of a game that comes out like Apex with a great mechanic, and they have to come up [with] their own and expand on it," he said, suggesting that maybe Fortnite could add llama altars as respawn points.

What do you think? Should Fortnite players be able to pray at giant llama altars to give their allies another lease of life?

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