Ninja Says Stream Snipers Could Destroy Fortnite, Wants Epic To Take Action

Ninja, one of the world’s biggest streamers, doesn’t appreciate stream sniping, especially when it comes to Fortnite.

Now, there’s no denying that Fortnite is in an absolutely fantastic position right now. The game’s risen to become a real phenomenon. Alfonso Ribeiro has discovered that he can’t keep his Carlton Dance to himself and dropped his lawsuit and brilliant and bizarre new weapons and vehicles are being added to the game. Things are pretty darn great all around.

Fortnite is not untouchable, though. A game can be the popular flavour of the month one day and its playerbase can start rapidly diminishing the next. It’s vital not to become complacent. Developers have to keep adding new content to ensure things stay fresh, and they’ve got to be on constant alert for threats, too.

What kind of threats, though? What lurking menace does Ninja think is poised to destroy Fortnite? Not the ever-increasing popularity of Apex Legends (although that’s something to keep an eye on for sure, even if the game does have issues of its own), but stream snipers.

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It’s an occupational hazard of streaming: the whole world can always see your position in the game. Depending on what you’re playing and who you’re playing with, of course, this can be hugely detrimental.

Ninja has experience in this area. Last November, he accused a player who defeated him of stream sniping and threatened to have them banned. Ninja later apologized for the whole debacle, but now he’s back on the case and demanding that Epic Games do more to combat steam sniping.

According to Game Rant, the superstar streamer has been targeted by these shenanigans before and fears that Fortnite may go the same way as H1Z1 (he and several other popular streamers quit playing as a result of this sniping). These are no idle threats on his part, as the biggest players on Twitch and other sites have a huge influence on the popularity of games. They know it, too. Ninja was paid $1 million by EA simply to play/tweet about Apex Legends, which just goes to show how influential he is at the moment.

If Epic doesn’t want Ninja to defect over to the Apex side, then it'd better start cracking down on stream snipers.

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