Ninja Thinks Fortnite Added a Summit1G Skin Before His, Isn't Happy About It

When Ninja discovered what he thought was a Summit1G Fortnite skin, he didn't react well. Fans, and Summit1g himself, have had fun with his reaction.

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, the Fortnite star so popular the ESPN Magazine made him the first gamer on its cover, had a bit of an issue the other day when it seemed that his status was being ignored. A new batch of Fortnite skins was released, and one bore a striking resemblance to the branding of Summit1G, another big streamer. Ninja went speechless when he discovered this, much to the amusement of his audience.

It all started when DrLupo, a streamer that often plays with Ninja, pointed out that the 'Summit Striker' skin had a color scheme heavily resembling that of Summit1G's Twitch branding. Ninja then stops playing to look at the skin for himself. From there, Lupo suggests that the 'G' on the skin's chest and the name 'Summit Striker' makes it quite apparent: Epic Games made a skin in honor of Summit1G.

All of this transpired on-camera, and fans watched as Ninja took in the fact that, despite being the #1 Fortnite streamer in the world, Epic gave someone else a skin before him.

The seeming betrayal goes a step further when you consider Summit's career. While Summit1G did play Fortnite once upon a time, he's since been a very vocal critic of the game. He even plays Call Of Duty Blackout, a competing battle royale game. He's an odd choice for a Fortnite skin, especially over Ninja.

"Are you serious?" Ninja asks to no one in particular as he looks at the skin. Then, he goes silent for a full awkward minute. He even switches his camera to one that doesn't show his face. When DrLupo asks "Do you want to talk about it?", Ninja curtly responds "No."

The clip was quick to make the rounds, with viewers quick to relish in Ninja's apparent salt over being passed over for a skin. Naturally, Summit1G's fans brought it to his attention. He has a good laugh about it. Literally, on stream, he watches Ninja's reaction and laughs.

Unfortunately for those who love the drama, but perhaps fortunately for Ninja, Epic Games is claiming that the skin is not for Summit1G. The Fortnite developer said any similarities are a mere coincidence, reports Dexerto.

That seems like quite an odd coincidence, especially with the name of the skin literally having the word "summit" in it. It's almost as if Epic is trying to do damage control after offending one of its top advocates.

Whatever the case, it still makes for fun viewing on a Friday.

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