Ninja Gaiden: 5 Best & Worst Weapons In The Series (According To Reddit)

The Ninja Gaiden series is about a twentieth-century Ninja who puts his well-honed ancient fighting skills to the test against modern weapons. Ryu Hayabusa's unbending sense of honor guides the storyline as he ventures to America to avenge his murdered father. However, when he arrives, he discovers someone named "The Jaquio" plans to unleash an evil and powerful demon to take over the World.

Players fight through the chapters to ultimately reach the Boss and slice them to ribbons. Ryu has used many weapons over the long-running franchise to claim victory and some were more powerful than others. Here are the best weapons he has used. 

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10 Best: Incendiary Shuriken

Incendiary Shurikens are specially used by Ryu Hayabusa. They resemble harmless little knives until you realize the amount of damaging power they possess. These small throwing knives have grenades attached to them with a pin that can be set as a timer and they are designed to explode after impaling their target. The blast is always strong enough to kill off lesser enemies and is useful against flying ones.

Unfortunately, anyone more powerful than them simply bats the knives away. But they're still useful in a pinch when the player is surrounded and needs to flee from enemies.

9 THE BEST: Falcon's Talons

Falcon's Talons are every bit as ferocious as players think. They consist of protective gauntlets with sharp "talons" to shred opponents to ribbons. The blades are massive, extending far out from the gloves and (as if this wasn't overkill enough) comes with bladed foot attachments as well.

With a sharp knife fitted to each finger and toe, this increases the cutting range with savage brutality. Their high defense and speed also make them extremely valuable.

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8 THE BEST: Dark Dragon Blade

The Dark Dragon Blade is the sister blade to the True Dragon Sword (Which is the only weapon that can destroy it). Carved from evil, dark dragon bones by "fiends", it grows in power with each kill (even if just nearby) making it one of the strongest weapons in the game. To spite its high damage, however, it often knocks Ryu off balance as he swings it, leaving him open to attacks.

The size of the blade also makes it seem clunky and cumbersome, making some players feel like this mythic sword isn't worth the hassle to wield.

7 THE BEST: Blade Of The Archfiend

The Blade of the Archfiend is an evil sword that is just as powerful as the Dragon Sword and was given only to the strongest of the Black Spider Ninja Clan. It's said that the blade was forged from the charred remains of an iron meteorite and then breathed upon by the Archfiend, trapping some of its evil magic inside of it. When used alone, this evil magic reacts to the use and causes an "electric" effect on the blade.

When wielded together with the True Dragon Sword, their combined power is almost limitless. To spite this, they still have a very limited range and a slow swing.

6 THE BEST: True Dragon Sword

The Dragon Sword is Ryu's powerful primary weapon. Handed down in the Hayabusa Ninja Clan for generations, it is said to be carved from a dragon's fang. This sword then becomes the True Dragon Sword (its ultimate form) when fitted with the Eye of the Dragon.

This new evolution is brimming with power and is so strong, it can cut anything. Although it only has an average strike range, it makes up for it with the most diverse combo list as well as ones that deal massive damage, especially when used with Ninpo.

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5 THE WORST: Windmill Shuriken

The Windmill Shuriken is a large, foldable shuriken, used as a projectile weapon used by the Hayabusa Clan. It can use its large size when thrown to build momentum and return to the thrower like a boomerang. What makes this weapon so terrible is its cooldown time is too long to be effective and leaving Ryu vulnerable to attacks while waiting.

Even then, it is not guaranteed to make a fatal hit as the damage rate is very unpredictable. Although it's size does allow it to hit multiple enemies at once, this also slows it down and makes it seem impractical as a weapon for a Ninja.

4 THE WORST: Warhammer

The Warhammer is a large pummeling staff that is a favorite of the character Rachel. This epic "hammer" is definitely not made for speed or versatility. It's bulky looking weight and mammoth size (nearly dwarfing Rachel)  makes this weapon too impractical to be useful.

Although it best for breaking down walls and bashing enemies heads in, it's extremely sluggish to use, taking forever to take down enemies. The Warhammer is also relatively difficult to wield accurately.

3 THE WORST: Spear Gun

The Spear Gun was introduced to the Ninja Gaiden series in the original video game as well as Ninja Gaiden Black, Sigma, and Sigma Plus. But what makes this weapon so terrible? Its main use if for shooting underwater targets and even in its ideal environment, it's still worthless and barely does any damage.

Although it is possible to use this piece of junk outside of water, why waste the time when it performs even worse on land. The one and only good thing about this weapon is its unlimited ammunition which is sad because players will never use it again after the first time.

2 THE WORST: Wooden Sword

The Wooden Sword is the single most trivial weapon in the entire Ninja Gaiden series. Even with this weapon having a "moves list" similar to the Dragon Sword, the effort to try them is wasted as it can strike but not do damage.

So trying even the most basic moves on the list is borderline tragic. Even more underwhelming is the image of the Wooden Sword. It looks so bland and feeble, that players are stunned to find out that in seven upgrades, this pitiful stick can turn into one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

1 THE WORST: Smoke Bomb

The Smoke Bomb is a projectile weapon used to distract enemies in Ninja Gaiden for the original Xbox. This "bomb" doesn't cause damage but instead has various effects on the enemy such as causing them to attack the smoke, or to simple freeze and make them an easier target.

Sadly this only lasts a second, making the effect seem rather counter-productive and very impractical. Despite this, players say the smoke bomb is best used to distract difficult boss enemies such as Dynamo. Players also mention how, when dropped, Ryu recovers nearly instantly, making it great to combine with rolls and other attacks.

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