Ninja's Manager Says Mixer Stats Are 'Amazing' But Not To Focus On That

Jessica Blevins, manager and wife of superstar streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, tweeted support of Ninja recently and offered a word of caution to his critics. Ninja's first week on Microsoft's Mixer has been an incredible success, already pulling in over a million subscribers to the fledgling streaming platform.

Jessica, a streamer in her own right, wants fans to know that while the unexpected support for Ninja right now is greatly appreciated, growing his viewership is not in fact their primary focus, and, were Ninja to only be streaming for an audience of 5000, they would still be satisfied with the transition to Mixer as it "Aligns with what we believe in & wanted for the brand."

The sentiment seems to be in response the public perception that Ninja left Twitch so he could be number one again. Jessica's words here seem to be an attempt to reassure that, yes, Ninja is number one BY FAR on Mixer and there is no one that will ever threaten that position again (especially Tfue and young Bugha).

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If viewership isn't their focus then, what is? It's easy to understand why they would be happy with even 5k viewers, given the dump trucks of money that Mixer most certainly backed up to Ninja's house in the Chicago suburbs. A clip from Ninja's stream today explain that no, fat stacks of cash was ALSO not the reason he made the move to Mixer.

If it isn't the money, and it isn't the audience, then what exactly are the things that Mixer has that align with what they believe? Well, for one, Mixer has a surprisingly strict and specific community guideline, one that leaves little room for interpretation, unlike Twitch's that seems to ebb and flow with the whim of whichever moderator is around at the time.

The recent controversy on Twitch surrounding moderation may have put a stink on the streaming platform that Ninja knew would spell the beginning of the end for the web titan. Ninja had the power to go wherever he wanted and bring a huge part of his audience with him, perhaps he could see the writing on the wall, and got out before the bubble burst. Either way, his success on Mixer is both unprecedented and commendable. Whether it's the fame, the fortune, or something else entirely, we're just glad he's doing what he loves.

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