Ninja Hits 1 Million Subs On Mixer After Only Five Days

Ninja began streaming with Microsoft’s Mixer just five days ago and has already surpassed the one million subscriber mark. When Ninja announced his departure from Amazon’s streaming platform, Twitch, fans were on the edge of their seats, waiting to see if his legion of followers were as loyal as they seemed.

So far, Ninja is getting the job done.

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Considering that this number is by far the most subscribers he’s had in his entire career, it’s hard to imagine that his subscriber count will remain this inflated for long. Mixer ran an exclusive promotion upon Ninja’s arrival to the platform, offering fans a free two-month subscription to Ninja’s channel. This has certainly influenced the number of people that are currently subscribed to his channel.

At the time of writing, Ninja even has more subscribers than followers, which generally just doesn't happen. Ninja’s follower count currently sits at 823,000, a far cry from the near 14 million Twitch followers that he has amassed over the last two years of streaming Fortnite.

Regrowing his following on a platform that receives only a marginal fraction of the community’s viewership is not going to be easy. In 2018, Twitch viewers watched nearly 9.36 billion hours of content. Mixer viewers? Just 170 million hours. If Mixer can't pull in some other big names, they’ll be hard-pressed to make up for such a gap in the market share.

It isn’t hopeless, however. Mixer’s 170 million hours of content is still up nearly 200% from their 2017 numbers. It’s clear that the platform is steadily growing, and having a streamer as recognizable as Ninja under their umbrella might be enough to push them the distance.

Additionally, Mixer offers some bells and whistles that Twitch doesn’t provide. Viewers can interact with streamers in a much more immediate fashion due to the platform’s low latency times. Microsoft is making moves in the streaming community, but only time will tell if they have the longevity to compete with entrenched platforms like Twitch and Youtube.

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