Ninja Receives Lots Of Negative Feedback After Promoting Own Support-A-Creator

Fortnite star Ninja took to Twitter to promote the Support-A-Creator program, but fans were not happy when he shared his own code.

Tyler Blevins, better known as "Ninja" in the Fortnite community, is facing severe backlash for doing the unthinkable: promoting himself.

It all started with Epic Games' new program called Support-A-Creator. During this event, players can choose to enter a specific code when they spend V-Bucks. This code will tell Epic that the player wants to support a Fortnite-based content creator, and the creator will get a portion of the spent V-Bucks. The creators involved include cosplayers, artists, and of course, streamers like Ninja.

The way it works is that each creator gets their own unique code. While Epic does provide a list of the approved creators and their codes, it seems obvious that the creators themselves are expected to be active in letting their followers know about the program. Ninja did just this with a short Twitter video that shows viewers how to input a Support-A-Creator code.

Despite seeming like an innocent announcement post, it garnered a lot of negative comments. A quick dive into the replies shows that several people think Ninja already makes enough money. That perhaps he should be helping smaller streamers instead of advertising his own Support-A-Creator code.

As with any Twitter post that states an opinion, there were users that appeared immediately to argue against these comments. The thing a lot of Ninja's defenders point out is that he quite clearly says in the video, "it doesn't have to be me, but this is just kind of letting you know that this feature exists."

Eventually, Ninja himself weighed in. He posted a follow-up tweet clarifying that he really did just want to make people aware of Support-A-Creator, not shamelessly promote himself.

Such is life as an internet phenomenon. While many might be quick to declare that getting paid millions of dollars to play video games sounds like a dream, they easily forget just how stressful it can be to exist in the public eye. Every move someone like Ninja makes, even something as simple as tweeting out a Fortnite code, is subject to ridicule. It almost makes one wonder if all that sweet,sweet Red Bull money is really worth it.

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