Ninja And Reverse2k Set Fortnite Duos Streak Record With 51 Consecutive Wins

If you play Fortnite, you know how difficult it can be to win just one game. Making it to the top 10 is an accomplishment on its own for most players.

While professional players have their sights set a bit higher, two Fornite pros just went higher than anyone else has ever gone. Duo partners Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and Malachi ‘Reverse2k’ Greiner just broke the world record for the longest recorded win streak with 51 consecutive victory royales.

The previous world record was set at 42 consecutive victories. Ninja and Reverse2k overtook the already-set record with ease and added nine more for good measure.

Their strategy going into the world-record attempt was to play it slow and let other players kill each other, which would make their job a whole lot easier. However, according to FortniteTracker, the duo was racking up an average of 15-30 kills a game.

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It wasn’t all smooth sailing, though. The world-record run lasted close to two days and saw its fair share of road bumps.

Early in the attempt, Ninja’s Mixer stream lost connectivity—leaving Reverse2k to battle on solo. He finished the match with no problem, keeping the streak alive while Ninja scrambled to get his stream back up.

After a few more close calls and over ten hours of streaming, they finally crossed the 42-game threshold. Watch the historic moment below on Reverse2k’s stream.

Both Ninja and Reverse2k then took to twitter to share their accomplishments.

Considering the skill-based matchmaking system that the update v10.40 included, this world-record is even more impressive.

Reversek2k and Ninja have teamed up in Duos since last summer. Although they haven’t performed well in professional events and failed to qualify for this year’s Fortnite World Cup, they haven’t hinted that they’ll be parting ways anytime soon. If winning 51 matches in a row is any indication of success to come, perhaps their luck in professional circuits is about to change.

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