Ninja Gets His Own Special Edition Red Bull Can, Here's What It Looks Like

How influential is Twitch streamer Ninja? He's featured on a new Red Bull can, which probably makes him the first streamer to get that honor.

It's no surprise as Red Bull is trying to target young millennials and older Generation Xers, which can't get enough of Ninja's battle royale skills. Ninja has close to 14 million people following him on Twitch, making him by far the most popular gamer on the platform.

This isn't as big of a move for Red Bull as you would think. Ninja and the energy drink company have been partners ever since 2016. And Red Bull has partnerships with other people in similar industries to Ninja, including gaming stars and esports players.

Still, on Twitter, Ninja said he was in awe of the opportunity, telling his followers that his 18-year-old self never would have believed he would be featured on a Red Bull drink. U.S. drinkers can drink from the Ninja-themed can starting on April 1st. Red Bull didn't specify if other markets can look forward to this, but we sure hope it happens.

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Sponsorships like Red Bull are an excellent stream of revenue for people such as Ninja, because it allows them money to keep entertaining fans, bringing them the latest details on new games.

A partner like Red Bull is also a good one to have because it minimizes any potential conflicts of interest in receiving money from studios, although certainly Ninja and other streamers are not adverse to doing previews of games when studios ask them to.

But loyal fans know that Ninja calls games as they are, and isn't influenced by the money - even though he used his newfound fortune to do an epic redecoration of his streaming cave back in 2018. He's honest and entertaining, and that's why we keep coming back to hear his commentary.

Other gamers are catching up to his style, too, including Shroud. He's the second most popular streamer on Twitch, and after he recovers from a scooter accident, you can bet he'll be continuing to seek more sponsorship opportunities of his own to keep bringing cool games to the fans.

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